blufirebug replied to your post: Huddled in the shadows, laying low for a moment after a very near-miss of a headshot and after healing the worst of a successful hit to her shoulders, the Pyro tenses at the sound of footsteps, carefully peering out to see the RED Medic run by. The other one. Not Dr. Frankenstein. Hefting her Backburner and wincing a little at the sting in her shoulder, Hotaru rushes out after the Medic, igniting Ryuunoksuke when she grows closer.

Hotaru catches a glimpse of the bird before it leaves her limited vision (whoops. sorry, little guy). Needles catch in her suit as the Medic begins firing, some going deep enough to stab, but the Pyro keeps coming, dodging and picking up speed.

*117 seconds later*

“GAAAAHH!” Boid burst out of respawn and swiftly threw his hat on the ground “Gott verdammen Überwältigen Pyroz!”


Boid growled under his breath as his less then faithful dove flew around his head and dantily landed on the medic’s shoulder

“Zome help you vere….”