it’s here, 200 posts, second anniversary, and all these wonderful people who supported me so much these two years of drawing. Thanks you guys. You’re all awesome.

Ponies from left to right:

finalskies, blueysketches, justanearthpony, and my favorite cousin Faded.(He doesn’t have a tumblr)

Once again guys, Thanks for all this.

blueysketches replied to your post: Really..?

While I agree on most terms, a lot of the accounts were banned for depicted humanizations of minors (like the CMC), and they were explicitly removed because minors can stumble upon them through someone’s page, followed or not.

I don’t want to dwell on this topic for too long, but in this case I’d like to make 2 counter-points.

1) The CMC (and the ponies at large) are fictional characters.  They don’t exist, have no legal rights, and are the product of imagination alone.  To draw them in any situation, explicit or not, humanized or not, does not damage any living, breathing person or animal.  I may personally or even morally object to them being depicted a certain way, but point of fact, my objection doesn’t change what they allowed to draw and post.

2) In the case of reblogging NSFW onto a SFW blog, then the fault lies with the reblogger, not the original artist.  If you’re going to put NSFW stuff openly onto your blog, check the NSFW box or hide it behind clearly labeled links.  Simple as that.

That’s really the gist I’m getting at.  It’s simpler (not to mention less damaging) just to unfollow, hide, filter, or ignore the stuff, than to raise a fuss and disrupt people’s work over it.

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I stay away from most boards nowadays, specially /show/, it passed from my favourite board to being filled with passive aggressors and flame baiters, it’s sad really, hope /art/ stays consistent; Dont lose your cool, it’s what they want. Stay safe!

But I don’t want to be cool.

Point is, I started to use that place to meet new people, and honestly, it really changed over time.

But the only thing is that mods are bigger bitches right now than they were before. And just if you don’t want to be banned, don’t even try to cross the line of false niceness.

Like I fucking care about a person who just insulted me on purpose, I still didn’t even say almost anything about him and got banned, he didn’t.

blueysketches replied to your post:rarity-is-my-wifu replied to your post:The three…

I’m sure you’re just looking too much into it.

Oh yeah.  I know I’m WAY over-analyzing that, but it was one of the things that really stuck out to me.  Probably comes from having a track and cross-country runner for a brother.

Even though it is reading too much into things (and when do we ever NOT read too much into these things?), I actually find this to be consistent with what I’ve seen of Spitfire in the show.  So it was interesting to see something that, from my point of view, reinforced Spitfire’s personality and attitude.