Did this out of sheer boredom. Because I’m in an art block….again.

And then something occurred to me. I could actually do and post B/W drawings with my current skills. It’ll still take roughly the same time as my color drawings, because Inking and shading take the majority of time no matter so… I dunno, I’ll do some in the future. Because it looks so damn cool to me!

Credit to these artists:

Bluey Sketches (1)

DfectiveDvice (2-6)

For the sketches they’ve made. 

it’s here, 200 posts, second anniversary, and all these wonderful people who supported me so much these two years of drawing. Thanks you guys. You’re all awesome.

Ponies from left to right:

finalskies, blueysketches, justanearthpony, and my favorite cousin Faded.(He doesn’t have a tumblr)

Once again guys, Thanks for all this.