Crochet Headband Pattern

Hi everyone :-)

Here’s my crochet headband pattern for free: 

Perfect if you have wispy unruly hair like me, or if you just like a pop of colour in your hair. 

This is a super simple pattern and can be made in 30 minutes if you know all the stitches, or about an hour if you’re still learning to crochet. 

Make in your favourite colours, and make matching ones for your daughters/mums or friends!

Cup of Crochet x


Captain America Graphghan Part 1 of 4
(updated every Wednesday) 

 Week 2 (22 July 2015) : 60 rows

I really enjoyed keeping up to date with the Naruto Pixel blanket last year and updating every Wednesday on all the progress I have accomplished through the weeks, that I decided to start again with this Captain America Shield blanket. It will be a long progress but well worth it. 

I will update again next Wednesday with what I have accomplished through this week again, so stay tuned 

Have a wicked Wednesday everyone

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