by ~bluey1996

Hiya~ Soooo… I guess I’ll try to do a stream in about an hourish.. (5ish mountain time XD) I don’t know how long I’ll go for.. Maybe an hour or so? I may start early, but I’ll be off and on I think if I am, cause of some stuff going on here, and I stiil need to work out livestream. xD If you’d like to come by and basically tell me how to use photoshop elements, you’re more than welcome! xP lol jk jk xD However, If you’d like to give me a few tips and tell me what I’m doing wrong.. That’d actually be much appreciated, cause I suck at this point. ^.^’ Anyhow, if you can’t make it, it’s completely fine~ or if you can’t stay but you wanna drop

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I’ll guess I’ll start in a few, but eh.. I take forever to get a single line right Q^Q

Sooooooo I’m ‘attempting’ to do commissions.. Check out my DA journal.

by bluey1996

My brother and sister say I should do commissions, so hey, why not. It’s a good way to earn a couple bucks. ^.^’ I was ‘kinda’ (not really) doing commissions anyway, but I wanted to make a journal with prices. xD

Chibi prices (pony and human)

-$3 simple chibi sketch
-$5 complicated chibi sketch
-$2 each additional character sketched

-Lineart and Colored-
-$8 simple chibi colored with pencil
(Marker is $12.)
-$12complicated chibi colored with pencil
(Marker is $15.)

$3 for a simple background
$6 for a complicated background

-Note me with information on what you want.
If you have an oc, please include refere

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