next is, our…

i’m sorry i just love the jokes about Aomine being a ganguro.

okay reason of skipping Kuroko x Midorima, Murasakibara and Kaga-
OH SHIT I FORGOTTEN KAGAMI. will do it later.

the others was cause, i don’t know how many years i will take just to find a picture that i’m satisfied with for them.


Pokespe Ship List

Pokespe Shippings:

Same Region Ships:
(Btw Green is the boy and Blue is the girl in this list)

RedxYellow - Specialshipping

RedxBlue - Luckyshipping
RedxGreen - Originalshipping
GreenxBlue - Oldrivalshipping
GreenxYellow - Feelingshipping
BluexYellow - Jadeshipping
RedxBluexGreen - Historyshipping
RedxBluexYellow - Specialjadeshipping
RedxBluexGreenxYellow - Prismshipping / Colorfulshipping

GoldxCrystal - Mangaquestshipping
GoldxSilver - Preciousmetalshipping
SilverxCrystal - Specialjewelshipping
GoldxSilverxCrystal - Johtoshipping

RubyxSapphire - Franticshipping
RubyxWally - Loverivalshipping / Raltsshipping
EmeraldxWally - Tenthshipping
RubyxEmerald - Revolvershipping
SapphirexEmerald - Wildtenshipping
SapphirexWally - Manganewrivalshipping
(Nobody ships them as an OT3 / 4 so there are no names I know of)

DiaxPlatina - Commonershipping
PearlxPlatina - Haughtyshipping
DiaxPearl - Absurdistshipping
DiaxPearlxPlatina - Entourageshipping

BlackxWhite - Agencyshipping
BiancaxCheren - Dualrivalshipping
BlackxCheren - Caretshipping
BlackxBianca - Carcrashshipping
WhitexCheren - Checkmateshipping
WhitexBianca - Shiroshipping
(Same as Hoenn)

Cross Region ships:
(I only listed the ones with names I could find, fair warning they’re mostly homosexual ships bc that’s how this fandom rolls)
RedxGold - Polishipping
RedxSilver - Depressionshipping
GreenxSilver - Secondaryshipping
BluexGold - Buttshipping
BluexSilver - Chosenshipping / Choosenshipping, I’ve seen both
BluexCrystal - Lazuriteshipping
YellowxGold - Ambershipping
YellowxSilver - Viridianshipping
YellowxCrystal - Sweetheartshipping
YellowxWally - Healthshipping
GoldxRuby - Eyewearshipping
GoldxSapphire - Wildsideshipping
CrystalxSapphire - Treestarshipping
CrystalxEmerald - Frontiershipping
SapphirexPlatina - Concretejungleshipping

Dexholder Side Character Ships:
RedxMisty - Mangapokeshipping
RedxGiovanni - I don’t remember the name but it’s popular enough
BluexSabrina - it’s popular but I cannot for the life of me remember the ship name
YellowxLance - Grantedshipping
YellowxKoga - there are few people that ship this but they’re prevalent in the fandom and idk what the ship name is
SilverxLance - Mastershipping
GoldxDJMary - Fanboyshipping
RubyxMarge - Magmajewelshipping