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2013 Thrash and Dangle Fest

Photo Courtesy of Just Fab Photography


Hey again everyone!


I feel like I have been blogging like crazy lately, which I definitely prefer to writing papers!


Anyway…yesterday I competed at my favorite local competition, Thrash and Dangle Fest!  Thrash and Dangle is held every April at The Phoenix Rock Gym and is the best competition in AZ!


Run as a 3-hour redpoint, T&D has side events in addition to the bouldering competition.  Marty Karabin and his crew of setters do an amazing job with everything and I couldn’t be more excited that they run the comp!


They set hard for this, but it was awesome!  There were so many fun things to get on.  I sent a lot of awesome problems and have many more to work on in the next few weeks!


I placed 1st in female open.  My best friend, Daniel Beall, visiting from San Diego, won male open as well.  It’s always a lot of fun to be standing on podium with your friends!


Today I’m off to Sedona for some fun and then onto Flagstaff tomorrow for some outdoor climbing…then Maui on Thursday!


On to the next adventure…


<3 SBC 


Sierra Blair-Coyle, Living the Dream: Episode 1

Climbing on Hawaiian Black Lava


Sierra Blair-Coyle

The Competitor’s Spirit

Video by Cedar Wright