I’m sorry I have to break the rules, I would answer the questions given to me by some bloggers with this single post. Hope you understand.

Moving on, I really appreciate your kindness and trust(?) for nominating me for this award :>  talingsanoo,bluevelvetkate, redserpent42(twice pa nga eh ) and draneschleigh :>, thankyou talaga :)

11 Random Facts:

-Favorite color is blue.

-I don’t smoke. I drink(moderately).

-Journalism Major ako.

-Di pa ako nakakakain ng balot.

-Thomasian ako . Jeric <3333

-Mahilig akong kumanta :> 

-PERO may stage fright ako.

-Ang gwapo para sa akin ay hindi lang sa itsura.

-400 ang baon ko ng college? random na random talaga yung fact.

-Tamad ako except kapag nagttumblr.

-Naaattract ako ng guy na mabait at magaling mag gitara.

Talingsanoo Questions

Who/what is the reason behind your smile? — My tumblr friends :>

Favorite song?- Like We used to - A rocket to the moon.

Favorite TV show?- di ako nagwwatch ng tv pero yung my daughter seoyoung ? di ko alam kung tama yung spelling.

Where you’d like to be in 10 years?- Dun sa Studio ng GMA nagbbroadcast :”>

Favorite band/s?- A rocket to the moon hehehehe :»>

most attractive part of your body?-eyes and cheeks daw.

Do you believe in fairies?- nope.

What is your relationship status?-forever alone.

five places you want to visit? - Paris, Bohol,Singapore,States, Davao.

your views on drugs and alcohol?- alcohol is fine. drugs(if medicines) are good. HAHAHA. illegal drugs are not fine for me tho.

Are you happy?-currently? YES.

Draneschleigh’s Questions

If you will have a superpower, what would it be and why?-Invisibility so I can freak the hell out of people HAHAHA.

What are your major goals in life?- Be a broadcast journalist and a blogger ..Be filthy rich.

If you have given a chance to change something in your past, what would it be?- None. Everything’s perfectly fine.

Do you believe in love at first sight?-Yeah.

Do you believe in fate or destiny?- Yep. It’s true coz God is my fate <3

What are the things you really want to tell to your special someone?- I don’t need your physical features. I want you as you. nothing more nothing less. My feelings will never fade I promise you that :>

Are you thinking about your future now? What do you think would it be?- Yes. Well I can see my husband happily married with me and our kids :> and I am making documentaries too.

Any preferences for boys or gilrs?- what do you mean preferences? Physical ? as long as he’s fine then I can deal with him >:

If you have given a chance to talk to someone from your past, who would it be and why? My favorite grandfather? I would like to tell  him how I love him and how awesome he was. :(

What makes a great relationship?- A tremendous trust,love and commitment.

Do you easily get affected by other people around you?- no. I try to act according to what I think is the right way to do things.

Bluevelvetkate’s Questions:

1.Anong masasabi niyo sa same sex relationship?- for me it is fine :) Okay accdg to one of my favorite.philosopher.. for as long as you are not affecting anyone’s life and you do no harm.. it is fine.. existentialism.. free will.. freedom? That’s why I think it is fine :)

2.Saan maganda pumasyal kapag kasama bf/gf?- Sa park? or grass then stay there at night and stargaze. that’s romantic for me tho.

3.Ano sa tingin mo pinakabest surprise para sa bf/gf for monthsary?- Uhm it’s more of an effort. you don’t need candlelit dinner or amusement parks or anything expensive . give a notebook or a journal you would fill up together for the rest of your lives. it looks like a symbol of fidelity for me.

4.Any book suggestions?- Allegiant, Insurgent, Divergent. City of bones series, Harry Potter series, Twilight series .. too many to mention you may try John Green and Nicholas Sparks’ works too

5.And movie suggestions? Speed Racer.. A walk to remember.. yan lang gusto ko eh.

6. Kamusta naman lovelife mo? ZERO :)

7. Ano fave food mo? Cinnamon Swirl from StarBucks yayy.

8. Bakit may mga manloloko?- Their existence is the epitome of people who once loved someone authentically yet was betrayed and they change for the worse.

9. Bakit moko finallow? because I follow back? and I think you deserve it.

10. Pwede ba tayo maging close friends dito? Yes. I am always open for that. the question is.. could you stand my randomness and craziness :)

11. Message mo sakin. Mga 3 paragraph haha(:  Hello :) I believed you so much when I received your Fan Mail. haha. and honestly I don’t think I deserve this.recognition but I am grateful :) I hope we could really be close friends. My blog is always open. I talk a lot so there’s no.problem eith.topics :) I’m afraid you’ll find me amusing tho or corny or shallow or deep or geeky at times so I hope you really don’t mind. talk to me please? I will love to make a conversation with you. have a little chit chat. So yeah that’s it .. sorry I can’t fulfill the 3 paragraphs thingy.. I have.lots of stuff to do right no.. hope you enjoy my answers. Spread Love and Stay Grand :)

redserpent42’s questions

1.If there is one thing you really regret, what is it?  I don’t trust people that much, the tendency is, they don’t trust me too. Even if I’m worth to be trusted.

2.In relation to question 1, if you will be given a chance, how are you going to change it?  I know I can’t, so what I’m doing is try to do my best at present and in the future.

3.Do you love to have time machine?  NO.

4.If so, why? don’t you think that it will just complicate things? That’s why I said no.. things are a lot better and well decided.. time machines would make everything and everyone deserve a chance.. even if they don’t.

5.If there is such thing as time machine, what are the moments of you life wherein you want to go back to? -  nothing. everything happened for a reason ? What’s the need of taking a look back in time. Pain would fuel your feelings up. the past is something that deserves to be in our memories.

6.And what do you want to skip? - nah.

7.Are you weird?  Definitely.

8.If so, in what way(s)? everybody goes lunatic at times and I am one when i’m having my red days XD.

9.How do you find me as a blogger? Hahaha. G.W.A.P.O HAHAHAHA. de. you’re a great blogger inside and out. :)

10.How about as a person? uhm…. normal? You talk to people well..

11.If given a chance, do you want to meet me? And what are the first few things you’re going to say to me? - hahaha I’ve seen you but I don’t know if meeting you is possible. you are so close yet so far. :) what I would say? : hello red :> Gwapo mo. pa pansayn nga po sa peymus.

Another set of questions from redserpent42.

1.Do you love being you? Why?-  Yes. I am the epitome of what God’s Love can provide :>

2.If given a chance, do you want to be someone else? Why? Nope. I am fine with who I am.

3.What is/are your most impossible dreams()? Be Joe Brooks’ wife HAHAHAHA

4.Have you ever been stupid in love? - yep. everytime.

5.What is/are the craziest thing(s) you did for love? I shouted in front of the whole school how I like him using the microphone. :> ( I accessed it through my position as 4th Year President)

6.Do you think people are true to you everytime you’re talking to them? no.

7.What is/are the most special thing(s) that someone has ever did for you? my guy bestfriend wiped my tears when my whole team lost to theirs. He said I am a good leader and he’s just so sweet </3

8.Do you believe in destiny? yes.

9.In relation to question 8, do you  think we can change it? Destiny is a guide. but I think it is possible to manipulate them :)

10.Reason behind your URL. Words are profound. we must ponder upon them.

11.This is a bonus question. LOL. Full name. - Princess Jamane Anne Cruz Enriquez.

the-knife-behind-you  asked:

Hi. Thankyou. Minsan lang ako magfollowback ng mga guys na nagfollow sakin. Pero nung chineck ko yung blog mo. Ok naman :)) Bkit kaya hate ka nila? Hopefully sana maging friends tayo pati ung mga nsa tsamu. :)

Yup hopefully someday Maging friend tyo at maging sa totoong buhay hindi lng dito sa tumblr iexplore natin yung pagiging friendly natin. Actually hindi ko nga alam kung bakit nila ako hinihate. Ewan ko ba sa kanila kahit hate nila ako okay lang sakin dahil wala naman ako nakikita sa sarili ko na ikakahate ng iba. Mabait po kung lamok (Sabi ng nanay ko) hindi ako na ngangagat ng basta basta See you soon po ayiee rarw. <3

PUTANGINA. Alam mo hindi ko alam kung bakit pilit akong nagpapakatanga sa’yo pero ginagawa ko pa din kahit hindi na tama kasi mahal kita. Kahit saksakan mo ng bipolar iniintindi kita. Buti na lang mahaba pasensya ko kasi kung hindi matagal na kitang sinukuan. Sa sobrang haba ng pasensya ko nagawa akong paghintayin ng 1st ex gf ko ng 24 hrs sa 7 eleven ng nakaupo dati nung kami pa. Oo mukha akong di mabait kasi gago ako, mahilig magmura ganito ganyan pero kapag ako nakilala niyo ng lubos baka magbago yung tingin niyo sakin.