bluetooth accessory

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We’ve got the title screen seen on a iPhone 6 and next to it is the Bluetooth accessory which apparently isn’t a requirement to have but makes the game much smoother. It’s able to clip on to pretty much anything, it remind me of Keystone accessories where some people had earrings, or it was pin like on Steven’s jacket. Which I dig, very personalized.

The Verge says that they flash different colors and vibrate when you walk somewhere in the real world that corresponds with somewhere in the Pokemon Go world (in case you can’t read the text). I wonder if you have to charge it or does it have a long lasting battery?

Finally here we see a Pikachu getting ready to be caught on Galaxy S6(?). So basically what it seems like is that you don’t see the real world but the Pokemon version of your area, which I hope also determines what type of Pokemon you find. Apparently this is really the only thing anyone’s seen of the actual app. But I’m hoping it’s safe to say that it’s going to be a pretty good app.