So, Bluetooth is very confident in his appearance and smile and he is a total sweetheart so noone ever dares tell him about his rotten tooth so most of the time his clanmates just try not to laugh and he just thinks hes SUCH a charmer.

His warrior ceremony sorta went like: “Bluepaw, your warrior name shall be… Blue..tooth… because of your…  charming.. smile..?”

Also he’s super gay for crispych0colate‘s character Wetdreams lmao


So a while ago I posted on my cat blog puddlestep about how it would be fun if clan leaders accidentally named their cats after human things like Bluetooth and then I got to know quaility who has a spoof clan that is literally made up of cats with names like that (e.g. Rockstar & Morningwood) SO I FINALLY MADE BLUETOOTH to join GrassClan.


Satechi Bluetooth Home Button

Whether you’re riding your bike, driving a car, or simply on the go, Satechi’s Bluetooth Home Button keeps your voice command system at your fingertips when your phone is buried away in your bag or pocket. With the press of a button you can ask for directions, change the music, or make a call without dangerously fumbling around for your phone or tablet.


Ivation Boomer - Bicycle Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker is geared specifically towards cyclists because it has a tubular shape which is narrow in the middle so you can easily attach it to he handlebars of your bike using a mount. Luckily, Ivation provides you with two different ones, in case you don’t have your own.

Vibe-Tribe Fever, altoparlante bluetooth piccolo, potente e ricco di ...

Vibe-Tribe Fever, altoparlante bluetooth piccolo, potente e ricco di …

Vibe-Tribe Fever, altoparlante bluetooth piccolo, potente e ricco di … Venduto in una confezione curata, e costruito in alluminio anodizzato, include quattro profili in differenti colori, manuali istruzioni in più lingue e un cavo di collegamento USB/Jack, che permette sia la connessione con una fonte audio sia la … Read more on Tom’s Hardware Recensione LG G Flex 2 UNBOXING. Apriamo la…

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You can’t buy class. ☀️#solarpower. 🔷#bluetooth 💣🔊#boombox