Bluetooth technology is named after Harald Blatand, a 10th-century viking king whose last name translates to ‘Bluetooth.’ Whether or not he had a literal blue tooth is debated, but he was renowned for peacefully bringing people from different lands together. The symbol on Bluetooth’s logo is also Blatand’s initials in ancient Runes. Source


Cloud lamp and speaker.. 

Cloud is an interactive lamp and speaker system made to simulate a thundercloud in both appearance and the sound it produces. Cloud is equipped with motion sensors which react to nearby movements in order to produce unique light effects and sounds which makes it even more dynamic. It has a great speaker system which can be used to either simulate the effects of a thundercloud or to stream music via Bluetooth.


Now Trekkies and Trekkers can have their very own Bluetooth Star Trek Communicator!

Soon fans of the Star Trek franchise will be able to have their very own, fully functional, replica of the famous communicator.

The device, manufactured by The Wand Co., functions as a Bluetooth handset for your phone and as a portable speaker and comes complete with magnetic stand for wireless charging and multi-color LED charge status illumination.

The iconic communicator will be available for preview at San Diego Comic-Con this week and is available to pre-order for $149.95 from the Star Trek Shop. Unfortunately for fans, though, the device won’t be shipping until January 2016.

The Wand Co., whose goal is to “create beautiful products that bring magic into people’s lives,” is no stranger to Star Trek gadgets. The company launched a Star Trek phaser in 2014, which received rave reviews and is available for under $200.

Made of opaque aluminum, this $150 gadget hooks up to a cellphone. It was, “made in response to countless requests from Star Trek fans all over the world,” and fans are assured that it will sound and function like the real deal.

The Wand Company’s communicator is the most accurate replica ever made, designed using the first ever structured-light 3D scans taken of the Alpha Hero prop, crammed full of advanced technology and bringing new levels of action and immersion for Star Trek fans of all ages.

• First fully functional wireless communicator

• Bluetooth® handset for pairing with Bluetooth® enabled mobile cellular phones

• Constructed from pressed metal, die cast metal, machined aluminum and textured ABS to replicate the original hero prop

• Magnetic stand, with metal base and multi-colour LED charge status illumination

• Built-in lithium polymer battery with wireless charging, just place on stand to automatically charge the power cell High quality molded polyurethane foam-lined transit case

• High quality speaker, great for hands-free calls and even playing music streaming from any bluetooth enabled audio player

• high quality MEMS microphone for crystal clear call quality

• Will delight collectors

• Wide range of authentic sound effects and conversation fragments from the Star Trek Universe

You can pre-order now for shipment in January 2016.

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