What we talk about peace and love, but it’s all mouth. But actually it’s very hard to do it. I find it’s so much easier through musical notes, musically to reach the heart, and I feel the communication. I wish it was possible to relate the same thing without music, but I find it very hard. I’m seeing people trying their best by giving lectures and so many talks and things, but its not really achieving much. So you and I have more advantage.
—  Ravi Shankar’s reply to George Harrison asking, “What do you think we should be doing to make our lives better?”
How To Train Your Dragon - July 22, 2012

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How To Train Your Dragon.  July 22, 2012.

Verizon Center.  Washington, DC.

Any one else might have felt out place. When the first dragon flew out the kid next to me started flapping his arms, slapping me with every flap of his official How To Train A Dragon dragon wings. I should have bought stock in this show, every kid was holding toy dragons, wearing dragon wings and dragon hats, or plastic viking armor with blinking swords. We’ll just say merchandise sales seemed to be going well. If you haven’t already seen the Dream Works animated film, How To Train Your Dragon, see it. If you have a chance to go see the How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular, see it.

I don’t want to give the whole story away, but it would be difficult not to mention something about the Vikings and the dragons, Hiccup and Toothless. Fun for the whole family, that’s what I say. No matter how much more mature we’re supposed to get with age, I’m still as easily amused and entertained as ever. When I was a kid there would have been a few actors running around in dragon costumes flailing their arms and pretending to breathe fire. Now the dragons are 100 feet long and are flying through the air. It was awesome.

The production was like nothing I’ve seen before. The entire floor of the Verizon Center was the stage, and with the use of a huge wall, lights, projectors, harnesses and suspension cables, the stage doubled in size. The music, lighting, special effects, the acrobatics and stunts, the actors and dragons, everything was right on. I watched with childlike wonder, ooohing and ahhhing, and even cheering out loud when the moment called for it. More than anything though, I remember walking away thinking how cool it would be to have a pet dragon, ahahaa. 

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  • Moonlighting with Toothless. Photo by BlueSkyCampfires.

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  • Be the dragon. Photo by BlueSkyCampfires.