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It’s been 12 YEARS since this godforsaken movie got into teathers and into my heart <3

I literally own my life to this movie, besides, I wouldnt even be close to be who I am nowadays if it wasnt for my obsesion over this animation trainwreck. Every single year for the past decade Ive been drawing my human version of the characters nonstop, and now thanks to that, I can say I have a style of my own uwu <3

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Wednesday- June 17th/2015

A lot of great animated trailers came out yesterday and today! I love the variety in looks, story and animation! It’s inspiring to see so many great projects going on, employing all those talented artists!


BlueSky Studios’s Peanuts Teaser


RIO 2 Teaser


RIO 2 Trailier


The animation department of Blue Sky Studios gathers together for a Robot Unicorn Attack Tournament. This behind-the-scenes mockumentary follows the journey of that tournament.
This video is in no way endorsed by Blue Sky or Fox and does not necessarily represent the opinions of those respective companies. It was made for fun!
Direction and Editing- Jeff Gabor
Camera and Graphics- Matt Doble
Interviewer- Matt Munn
Referee and MC- Matt Simmons