With my hand upon your cheek, my lips upon yours, and our skin keeping one another warm…we lay our foundation. We bring upon a new beginning that we’re both all too scared to live with, but oh too curious to let go without being lived through. Your question and my answer, while holding one another, held hoist to the sails of tomorrow. Today, we marked our true and open foundation to this whole new land which we will traverse together. We will embark trials, tribulations, and accompany one another along through these times. With hands held tightly, lips locked closely, and our bodies upon one another…nothing can stop us.

  “Do you ever worry about all of this coming to an end?” you asked. My response was both myself letting go of my fears and feeling ready to live a life of freedom. Right then, I was prepared to carry you throughout time and space. I was prepared to hold your hand on towards an infinity we both dreamed of. I’m still prepared to do so because I don’t see an end to this. I’ve worried about it, but even when I over-think everything…all I see is us together. That’s something I’m not used to, but nevertheless…it’s an optimistic change that I’ll get definitely get used to. You’ve brought so many firsts, already, and it’s only been a few months since we’ve known each other. I’m ready for it all. I’m ready for everything that I know we’ll live through and make it out of. “Can I tell you a secret? I’ll never give you an ending because I don’t see one. I won’t give you an ending. Never…I promise.”

I was so keen on not believing a person, like me, could ever fall in love…but I am so guilty of it. I’m welcome to giving up everything I previously adopted if it’s for her. 3 months and I’m already so enveloped in everything. How oddly beautiful. I love her. I never thought it would come to this, but I do. Because I’ve said it…I’m going to do my best to make it forever. After all, she’s the only one I’ve ever felt this for. Truly and wholeheartedly…I love her. I truly do.