24 MAY 1999 at Subculture, Grand Rapids, MI

This show was put on by Elsie & Jack and came w/ a special compilation release… it was a huge amount of fun!

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CINDYTALK - silver shoals of light 10"

from the original press release:

BLUESANCT is incredibly excited that the third release in our ART SINGLES series is by one of our all-time favourite artists, CINDYTALK. This time it will be a 10", to facilitate the sonics involved. One-sided vinyl with screen-printed b-side and printed sleeve.

The concept behind this series is to celebrate the 10th year of the label with a series of releases that give us excuse to work with some of our biggest influences. And there is hardly a larger influence on my own music and art than GORDON SHARP and CINDYTALK.

‘silvershoalsoflight’ is quintessential CINDYTALK… written and produced by GORDON SHARP and MATT KINNISON… drum machine ticks along gorgeous bass pulses up against Gordon’s vocals… leading to a climax of bliss and dissonance.

For those not familar with CINDYTALK’s work, it is a sound that straddles several genres at once… ambient abstract industrial cinematic glitch post-punk… Gordon Sharp was at one time perhaps best known for lending his angelic voice to several tracks on THIS MORTAL COIL’s classic masterpiece ‘It’ll End In Tears’ (4AD, 1984), but those tracks are nothing but a footnote in history for Sharp and Cindytalk… since 1982, Cindytalk has recorded half a dozen fiercely challenging albums of devastating beauty… and there is no end in sight for this seminal group.

released 12 October 2008
Bluesanct (INRI084)
10" = ltd to 500 copies

Apperceptionist CD

from the original press release:

As the title suggests, this 29 track CD is a collection of 4 mini-albums recorded and self-released in micro editions throughout the middle of the last decade.

BODY OF JOHN THE BAPTIST is the work of Nathanael Markham and Jamie Hepler, operating out of Asheville, NC. We first became aware of Nathanael’s work from a poorly attended (and staggeringly beautiful) loft show with ASHRAE FAX and DREKKA in 2002.

Eight years later, Nathanael Markham fulfills his destiny and officially joins the Bluesanct roster. Joining 4AD bliss arrangments to beautiful acoustic melodies, BoJtB produce brief postcards of sound, sharing little moments with devastating beauty… artful, emotive ambient noise with distinct pop melodies that rattle around in the listener’s head after the album ends.

Classic reference points would be the early cassette work of HIS NAME IS ALIVE, the interludes of THIS MORTAL COIL or the desert pining of SOUL WHIRLING SOMEWHERE… contemporary examples may find solidarity in the internal works of CAETHUA, the small songs of ATLAS SOUND or ARIEL PINK, or the apocalypse reverb DREKKA.

“Surreal lyrics rise from the obscurity of the layered tracks, surfacing clearly through the delicious haze of watery, echoing synthesizer, guitar and reverb. There’s a sweetness to Markham’s voice that transcends preciousness, exactly complementing the material’s sleepy, languid sense of longing.”

Ltd to 300 copies, in a gorgeous hand-made gatefold gold metallic screen-printed sleeve.

released 31 October 2009
Bluesanct (INRI086)
CD = ltd to 300 copies

BODUF SONGS - Inviolate Projection, Blood From Rome (Blankets) 10"

BLUESANCT announces the fourth release in our ART VINYL series will be BODUF SONGS. Like it’s predecessors, this will be a beautiful single, with an exclusive recording on one side, and a screenprinted image of the song on the other side… housed with a letterpressed sleeve.

BODUF SONGS is primarily the work of Mat Sweet, minstrels of misery from the United Kingdom. They have released three incredible albums on Kranky Records, as well a devastating EP on Southern Records as part of their special LATITUDES series.

Mat gave us an exclusive 12 minute epic entitled ‘inviolate projection, blood from rome (blankets)’ which not only gives us the drones and hushed guitar they are known for, but also ventures into their (partially) suppressed doom underpinnings.

The record is accompanied by gorgeous specially commissioned artwork by Norwegian artist, JOHANNES HOIE, whose apocalyptic scenes perfectly embody the yearning for the black sun that is Boduf Songs.

released 11 August 2009
Bluesanct (INRI088)
10" = ltd to 300 copies (only a few copies left!)

UPDATE: ELEPHANT MICAH - “Globe Rush Progressions” LP

We’ve set the release date on this new Bluesanct release – our very first full-length LP release – for MARCH 12th, 2013.


* 175 copies only… pre-order copies come either with both Elephant Micah’s full-length CDs on Bluesanct or with a copy of Joe O'Connell and Jason Henn’s “Mingus Plays Electric Guitar” 7"… your choice!

* There is also a very limited “Test Pressing Package”… only 8 test pressings available, this package comes with the LP, CDs or 7", PLUS a test pressings of the LP with hand-drawn labels by Elephant Micah!

If you write for a blog or magazine and would like to be put on the press list to receive a digital promo of the LP, please message us or email

RIVULETS - thank you reykjavik EP

from the original press release:

Four songs recorded live in studio for Icelandic National Radio in Reykjavik in March of 2001.

rivulets is centered on the tense, moving and often disturbing songs of Nathan Amundson. His self-titled debut full-length was recently released on Chairkickers Union, a label run by Alan ASparhawk of Low. There, Amundson is joined by LD Beghtol (Flare, Magnetic Fields), Jay Kroehler, and Mimi Parker and Alan Sparhawk of Low.

For his March 2001 European dates, Amundson performed solo for guitar and voice. These four versions were inspired by the vast, alien landscapes and warm-hearted people of Iceland; his songs stripped to a bare, spare minimalism that leaves the mind to fill in the spaces with memories and hope.

released 20 August 2002
Bluesanct (INRI064)
CD = ltd to 500 copies

MOUNT EERIE - I Whale 7"

from the original press release:

The first in a series of beautiful limited edition art vinyl from Bluesanct. There is not really much to say about it except:

• The 7" single is ltd to 1000 copies, on baby blue sea coloured vinyl.
• It will not be repressed and will sell out very quickly. Get it now, or don’t.

• Side A features the exclusive MOUNT EERIE song entitled ‘I WHALE’. • Side B features a beautiful screenprint of an image drawn by Phil Elverum.

• The sleeve is a letterpressed text taken from a handwritten layout by Phil in blues and white on sandy coloured cardstock.

• Of the song, Phil says:
“It is a sequel to another song of mine called "I am a Pearl Diver” that was on another 7". They are my 2 songs so far in the series on nautical professions.“

released 24 January 2006
Bluesanct (INRI079)
7” = ltd to 1000 copies

CAETHUA - Village of the Damned CD

from the original press release:

Born and raised in Upstate New York, Clare Hubbard has been striving to recreate the stark and ghostly sounds of her birthplace through lo-fi multi-instrument experimentation and by creating a variety of “identities” within her music. Her project Caethua serves as her primary musical identity, focusing on the darkness of nature and her melancholy recollections of the past. Composed, recorded and produced independently, her music is clearly influenced by early psych-folk composers, combining stark imagery with slow drones, haunting melodies, and scratchy field recordings.

In her own words, her work sounds like “…cold marriages of growing up in the snow-covered cornfields of upstate New York, moldy nylon string guitars, a hissing blend of flea market half-working electronics, rusted pots and pans, field recordings of a doomed boat trip down the St. Lawrence River, birds in the ice-covered trees, the groan of an overheating diesel engine, shortwave radio in the middle of nowhere, busted cars sliding in the sleet of Indiana, the soft hum of an old living room, hissing from Florida swamps and a sorrowful voice leading us into the frozen ground.”

“…Caethua builds a majestic framework of rural poetics and darkly colored orchestration that manages to cross the aesthetics of Harry Smith and This Mortal Coil… More people should hear this engaging voice turn familiar gestures into untrodden and insolent music…” – Eric Weddle (Dusted Magazine)

released 12 May 2009
Bluesanct (INRI083)
CD = ltd to 300 copies