UPDATE: ELEPHANT MICAH - “Globe Rush Progressions” LP

We’ve set the release date on this new Bluesanct release – our very first full-length LP release – for MARCH 12th, 2013.


* 175 copies only… pre-order copies come either with both Elephant Micah’s full-length CDs on Bluesanct or with a copy of Joe O'Connell and Jason Henn’s “Mingus Plays Electric Guitar” 7"… your choice!

* There is also a very limited “Test Pressing Package”… only 8 test pressings available, this package comes with the LP, CDs or 7", PLUS a test pressings of the LP with hand-drawn labels by Elephant Micah!

If you write for a blog or magazine and would like to be put on the press list to receive a digital promo of the LP, please message us or email