.:Sisig Fries with mozzerlla cheese:. not too saucy and the fries dont get soggy like other places. it wasnt too spicy but yummy forsure i definitely know what to order next time again. Oh and these fries are on their secret menu but u gotta get this i totally forgot to order the shaken beef tho which is also on the secret menu cant wait to have this again #schmackin #foodporn #nomnom #igerseastbay #bluesaigon #bluesaigontruck #bluesaigonwinners (at Blue Saigon Fusion Grill)

Finally got to try #BlueSaigon #FusionGrill ,you don’t even know how long I have waited for this! Even before they even opened the restaurant, when they all started with just #BlueSaigonTruck - let me just say, we finally found a new spot to come to when we come to the bay. Inexpensive & delicious! 😊👍 (at Blue Saigon Fusion Grill)