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  • “did you even miss me?” / part two
    - the band is on break but luke doesn’t seem to want to spend time with you

  • mad for you, bad for you / part two
    - you relapse while luke is away and now that he’s back, you find it hard to get your fix and hide it [tw: drug use]

  • unwanted company / part two
    - you and luke get into a fight and you leave but return to find out he’s already moved on 

  • punishment / part two
    - you cheat on luke on a drunken night out and decide frostbite is the only way to punish yourself 

  • college blues / part two / part three 
    - you’re moving away to your college dorm and luke decides he doesn’t want a long distance relationship anymore

  • absolutely nothing / part two / part three 
    - you call luke after a break up and someone else answers 

  • go to her / part two 
    (inspired by the aria x ezra x nicole scene in pretty little liars) luke’s ex calls him and you answer and delete the call after so he doesn’t know but something happens to her and he blames you


  • “i know how the story goes..” / part two / part three
    - michael is still friends with his ex-girlfriend who thinks he’s still in love with her and will do anything to break the two of you up 

  • dirty little secret / part two / part three
    - michael is hell bent on keeping your relationship a secret from not only the fans but the boys and your best friend as well and you start to question the reason 

  • destroyed / part two / part three
    - you accidentally destroy something important to michael and he’s not very happy about it 

  • too much / part two
    - you overhear michael complaining about how clingy you are and you try to change 

  • silent treatment / part two
    - you and michael fight and he gives you the silent treatment 

  • give me a reason
    - you don’t understand why michael won’t take you to meet his parents 

  • new year’s kiss / part two / part three
    - you can’t wait to kiss michael at midnight on new year’s eve but a fight between the two of you before new year’s eve changes that 

  • faking it / part two 
    - both you and michael agree to break up with each other because you think that’s what the other person wants 

  • priorities / part two
    - michael has to leave yet again and you stupidly make him choose between you and the band









Tongue Twisters

Kucing kuningku kencing di kunci-kunci ku.
(My yellow cat peed on my keys.)

Kuku kaki kakakku kaku kena paku.
(My elder sibling’s toenails are stiff because it was pricked by a nail.)

Kuku kaki kakak-kakakku kaya kuku kaki kakek-kakekku.
(My elder siblings’ toenails are like my grandfathers’ toenails.)

Kata kakak kakekku, kuku kaki kakak kakekku kaku-kaku.
(My grandfather’s elder sibling said, my grandfather’s elder sibling’s toenails are stiff.)

Kutuku butuh tubuhku tapi tubuhku tak butuh kutuku.
(My fleas need my body but my body doesn’t need my fleas.)

Kelapa diparut, kepala digaruk, kelapa diparut, kepala digarut…
(Coconut is grated, head is scratched, coconut is grated, head is scratched…)
((Don’t get this one wrong, you wouldn’t want to grate heads.))

Keledai makan kedelai di kedai.
(A donkey eats soy beans in a shop.)

Kuaci, kacang, kecoa, kuaci, kacang, kecoa…
(Egusi, nut, cockroach, egusi, nut, cockroach…)

Rika tarik-tarik rok Rina dan Rina tarik-tarik rok Rika. Rok Rika robek-robek dan rusak dan rok Rina rusak-rusak dan robek.
(Rika pulls Rina’s skirt and Rina pulls Rika’s skirt. Rika’s skirt is torn and damaged, and Rina’s skirt is damaged and torn.)

Dudung, ambilkan dandang di dinding dong, Dung!
(Dudung, won’t you get me the rice cooker from the wall, Dung?)

Tongkat kontak tongkol, tongkat kontak tongkol…
(Stick, contact, mackerel tuna, stick, contact, mackerel tuna…)
((Do not spell these wrong. You’ll get in trouble.))

Engkau ulung guling ulang ulas suling.
(You are talented at rolling over flute covers.)

Ular melingkar-lingkar di pinggir pagar.
(A snake coils at the edge of a fence.)

Jangan coba cium cucu-cucuku kalau cuma mau cium cucu-cucuku cuma-cuma.
(Do not try to kiss my grandchildren if you only wanted to kiss my grandchildren for free.)

Sempat-sempatnya semut-semut itu saling senyum-senyum dan salam-salaman sama semut-semut yang mau senyum-senyum dan salam-salaman sama semut-semut itu.
(Those ants had the chance to smile and shake hands with the ants that wanted to smile and shake hands with said ants.) or something like that

Satu ribu, dua biru, tiga ribu, empat biru…
(One thousand, two blues, three thousand, four blues… ((continue)))

Saya sebal sama situ sebab situ suka senyum-senyum sama suami saya sehingga suami saya suka senyum-senyum sendiri saja.
(I dislike that person because that person likes to smile at my husband so my husband likes to smile by himself.)

Satu sate tujuh tusuk, satu sate tujuh tusuk…
(One satay, seven sticks, one satay, seven sticks…)

college blues | part one

part two / part three 

luke + reader
word count: 829

writing masterlist | request/ask/feedback

summary: you’re moving away to your college dorm and luke decides he doesn’t want a long distance relationship anymore


“Luke, hurry up I wanna get settled in quick!” I yelled from the passenger seat after loading the trunk of the car with all of my belongings.

As I waited for my boyfriend to get his ass into the car, I was bouncing in my seat with excitement.

It was the day I moved into college and I was so excited I could barely breathe.

As I was about to call out to Luke again, his blonde head emerged from the doorway. He walked towards the car, too slow for my liking, shoulders slumped. He didn’t look very happy.

I didn’t want to let his odd mood affect mine, so I dismissed the distant aura he gave off and instead stared out the window as he drove off without a word.

It was a long drive, at least 2 hours and Luke’s mood wasn’t really helping. The car ride was spent in silence aside from the radio blasting top 40 hits that we usually sang along to.

The excitement inside of me was pushing at me to belt out Adele’s new song but it felt weird doing it when Luke was being so.. not him.

When we pulled up outside my college dorm, I was out of the car before it even came to a complete stop, which was probably a very dangerous thing to do but I was so excited to care.

Rushing into the building to check out my room, I didn’t even check if Luke was behind me.

My heart raced in anticipation as I pictured what it would look like - if it would look exactly as the pictures online had shown, or if it would turn out awful and in need of sprucing up.

I made it to my room way before Luke did. Pulling out the key that was mailed to me a week before, I unlocked the door and threw it open, letting it slam into the wall behind it.

The chocolate brown and cream walls gave the room a warm and cosy feel. A bed was pushed to the far wall, a window behind it. An oak desk big enough for my laptop and books sat on the opposite wall next to a huge cupboard.

Luke walked in as I was inspecting the cupboard, trying to gauge if my clothes would fit in them.

“Good, you’re here! What do you think? It’s pretty plain, I know. Not really my style but its bigger than I expected and I can easily redecorate it to suit me.” I rushed to the window. Fields and fields of grass greeted me and the grand-looking college buildings towered over the smaller dorm buildings to the side. “Look at that view! It’s so nice, I’m gunna love it here I just know it.”

I turned to Luke for a response but he just looked bored, keeping his hands in his pockets as he leaned against the door frame, completely ignoring everything I was saying.

“Hey, what’s up with you? You’ve been acting weird all day.” I pointed out.

He just looked at me and shrugged.

Rolling my eyes at his aloofness, I pushed him out the door. “Come on, you can help me shift my things inside and we can order takeout to help you out of this slump you’re in.”

He begrudgingly let himself be pushed out to the car, where I pulled open the trunk to start unloading my things.

I noticed that he wasn’t lifting a finger to help, which annoyed me slightly and as much as I tried to push that annoyance away, it stuck with me like gum in my hair.

However, it was a big day for me and I didn’t want to ruin it by blowing up at him, so I instead went for the soft approach.

Dropping the box in my hands back into the trunk, I went up to where he was leaning against the wall, scrolling through something on his phone and wrapped my arms around his torso.

“What’s bothering you today?” I asked, looking up at him.

His eyes shifted to mine for a second before he looked away and I could tell there was something he wanted to tell me but was finding it hard to do.

“C’mon, Luke, you can tell me anything, you know that.” I pressed on, squeezing him slightly to reassure him.

He let out a small sigh, finally shifting his gaze back on mine once again. He tried to push me off him but I refused. “Nuh uh, i’m not letting go until you tell me what’s got you this moody.”

When he tried to push me off for the second time and I didn’t budge, he took a deep breath. The next words that came out of his mouth were not what I’d expected at all.

My arms loosened around his torso and dropped to my sides as I took a couple steps back in shock.

I couldn’t believe it.


a/n: i am so incredibly sorry its been forever since i last posted an imagine but i’ve just lost the motivation to write and i’m trying to get it back - don’t get me wrong, i love writing still i’ve just been so lazy to actually sit and write but I’ve done it! I’ve actually written something!
i hope you guys like it and if you want a part two, let me know!
if you want to be notified when part two comes out, just drop me an ask asking for part two and i’ll answer it when i post part two!