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Brother Jack McDuff - Win, Loose or Draw

Professor Tom: Chapter 4

Summary: This wasn’t the first time a student had fallen for him. Hell, it wasn’t the first time this year. But something etched deep in his bones told him that this time, it was different.

A/N: Two chapters in one day? Whaaaaat? Anyways, enjoy, y’all! Don’t forget to leave suggestions/comments! My ask box is always open :) 

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“Is there something I can help you with, Miss Campbell?” Tom is hunched over his desk, trying to get through the next chapter of 1984 for the eight hundredth time. He’s close to clapping chalk erasers together he’s so bored. Rebecca’s class’ papers are stacked neatly in the corner of his desk, waiting to be handed back. Rebecca stands stark in the doorway, confusion written over her face when she realizes that she’s the only one there.

“Yeah, I uh… I think I lost my scarf.” She wanders over to her desk.

It’s been a long day for Tom. The exam schedule was released this morning and most of his seniors had spent their mornings complaining about their luck of the draw. It had been trying for him to keep them all settled. Rebecca, though, hadn’t been phased. She’d sat and got on with her work, only pausing to smile at him like she understood that Tom wasn’t having the most successful day, and Tom was grateful for that.

He found himself watching her a lot to make sure she was occupied, though. He doesn’t know why really. It could be that she’s the only girl in his English lecture right now that acts like she’s read a book or that she’s happy to contribute to the sessions. But he watches her nonetheless.

“What does it look like?” Rebecca’s ponytail swishes behind her as she turns around to face him.

“Chelsea.” A moment washes over them both.

“You like Chelsea?” He asks, almost incredulously. Rebecca cocks a brow.

“You don’t?” Tom shrugs but chuckles towards his lap, where his computer had started to whir.

“If you’re just looking to support the winning team, then sure.” Rebecca leans back on her desk, forgetting her scarf for a second.

“I suppose you like Tottenham or something. They’re real winners.” Tom scoffs and pushes himself back in his chair.

“Please. I’m from Kingston. Wimbledon all the way.”

“And you’re berating me for supporting the winning team? Your team’s the one that couldn’t even keep themselves in the Premier League!” Rebecca looks at him and pretends to lose some respect for him, which makes him smile.

“At least we don’t have to deal with Diego Costa.” He held his hands up in a mock surrender.

“Well, we’ll see this weekend, won’t we?” Rebecca says. “Chelsea vs. Wimbledon showdown!” Tom had been looking forward to the game for weeks. Since Sebastian had sacrificed his outrageous Arsenal support for the sake of a calmer game after they moved in together.

“Come Monday, you’ll be glad to have lost that scarf.”

“Is that a challenge, Professor?”

There’s something hidden in the question that ripples up his spine. Challenge.

“Can you call it a challenge when you already know the outcome?” Rebecca smirked.

“Okay,” Rebecca sits on her desk and the teacher in Tom almost tells her not to, but she’s not a child and he really couldn’t give two shits what college students did in their free time. He didn’t want to know. “How about, if Wimbledon win, you can assign that essay you’ve been threatening to for weeks, and if anyone asks you can blame it on me.” Tom perks up.

“And if, somehow,” He mocks. “Your Blues win, what do you want in exchange?”

A splintered smile. “I’ll think of something.”

“As long as it doesn’t have anything to do with cancelling my classes, then it’s fine.” Tom jokes. Rebecca crosses a leg over her knee and laughs but there’s a focus to her eyes that Tom usually only sees when she’s trying to work something out. Her forehead pinches and her lips thin as she bites the bottom.

“Shake on it?” Tom grins and stands from his spot, reaching over his desk towards her.

“May the least awful team win.” Rebecca pulls his hand closer than he expected her to and there’s a glint in her eye only reserved for when she’s on the field.

“Oh, we plan to.”

The air feels stuffy when they let go and Rebecca looks at her feet. Her bag swings over her shoulder and something pokes out.

“Oh, hey,” She pulls the scarf from her bag. “Guess I didn’t lose it after all.”


Coen Hess of the Queensland Maroons. Long time supporters of this blog know I’m a Blues fan so I’m intrigued by the line up for the Maroons for SOO 2. Hess is an awesome player but some of the other selections puzzle me. Tim Glasby? Good club player but origin? Holmes? Cooper? To drop Oates is criminal seeing as he scored the only points for Queensland in SOO1. I wonder if Thurston’s sledge about Pearce being the worst half the Blues have ever produced has stung enough to make him want revenge? Blues fans are used to being disappointed so I’m not holding my breath. I’ve always said that the current crop of Maroons would have to be at the end of their careers before the Blues start to win again. I sense the tide is turning but the proof will be in the pudding as they say.

im trying to BE POSITIVE today i have dropped off a ton of stuff at goodwill, i got my haircut and i was anxious but ASKED FOR WHAT I ACTUALLY WANTED AND RECEIVED IT, i bought a new book, i did chores, i walked the dog, i hatched an egg on pokemon go so if the universe could DO ME A SOLID and help the blues pull out the win tonight THAT’D BE GREAT

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11. favourite jersey style

i’m not entirely sure how to answer this… if you’re asking my fav jersey…

biased as all hell, but i’m a massive fan of the old black alternates for the canes. literally everyone looks hot in these, and the warning flag design is so fucking nice



literally the best 

no one looks bad in these

though of course that’s bc they were used. if we’re talking never used designs, the st. louis blues would obviously win with this sexy lil number

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