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My biggest win - Colton Parayko (smut)

Requested by anon: Omg you Alex smut was so good! Could you do one for Colton Parayko please😂

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The door shuts with a bang and I shudder on my spot on the couch. I knew that Colton was going to be mad when he came home, but I didn’t imagine that it was to be that bad. The game against Colorado was absolutely awful, the Blues couldn’t get a pass straight and ended up the game with only ten shots on goal. The burgundy team dominated the puck during the three periods and they scored four times, but they could’ve easily scored at least ten.

Colton and I have been dating for a year and a half, give or take, and I’m already used to his outbursts of anger when he loses a game. Our relationship is far from perfect but it is solid. Our first year together had been rough, we couldn’t balance our relationship with hockey season, but we are doing much better now.

Colton walks straight to our room without saying a word and I sigh. I decide to give him some time by himself to calm down while I make something to eat. I’m carrying a plate with a sandwich and a big glass of water when I hear the shower running.

“Colton?” I say, opening the door of our shared room. He is nowhere to be seen and the light of the bathroom is on, door half open.

I leave the plate and glass on the dresser next to the door and make my way towards the bathroom. I can’t help it but to sigh when I see his suit and shirt lying on the floor next to his shoes, looking like he has ripped it out of his body. Colton is standing on the shower facing the other way so he doesn’t see me standing on the door; his hands are resting on the wall and his head is down, water raining down his body. I quietly take off my pajamas and step in the shower with him, hugging his waist from behind.

“Hello.” I say, kissing him in the spot right between his shoulder blades.

“Hello.” He answers me, interlacing his fingers with mine. “I’m sorry, I walked in like an anim…”

“It’s okay, baby.” I cut him off, hissing when the water hits my skin. I didn’t expect it to be cold.

I reach out to the controls in our way too fancy shower and turn the temperature of the water up. Colton turns around and opens his arms for me to walk right into his embrace.

“We played like shit.” He just says, wrapping his arms around my way smaller body and holding me tight against his chest.

“Yes, you did.” I agree with him and I feel his chest going up and down when he chuckles. “But you are still on a wildcard spot, so we are okay.”

“We will always be ok, even if we don’t make it to playoffs.” I know he is talking about our relationship so I give him a nod and he kisses the top of my head.

We stand in the shower for what it seems like hours, just enjoying each other’s presence. Hockey season is hard for everyone, players and families, so moments like this are like a treasure. I’m the one who steps away to grab the bottle of shower gel from the rack and pour some of it on my hand. Colton looks at me, not sure of what I am doing.

“Turn around.” I tell him and he obeys without asking a single question.

I rub my hands together, making a light foam, and then I lay they on his shoulders. His muscles are strong under my fingers and I need to apply more pressure to unknot his back. Colton hums in content and I take it as encouragement to keep going. I patiently work on his whole back, from neck and shoulders to his lower back and hips. I stare at his butt for a second before slapping it with my right hand.

“Oh my, that’s hard.” I playfully complain, shaking my hand.

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The face you make when you wake up in Jamaica!!! #SideEffectsOfJamaica

See you at Emancipation Park tonight for Blues on the Green!

The win over Stoke kept Chelsea ten points clear of second place with just ten games to go. Stoke had won this fixture last term, beating a Jose Mourinho team that slipped to 16th in the table as a result, yet under Conte they are a different proposition. This was the Blues’ fifth straight win in all competitions and they have only dropped points in three games since September.

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