blues up

What if Destiny 2 opened like this:

The screen is black… All is quiet… Then you hear it. You hear him.

“Guardian? Guardian! Eyes up Guardian!”

The blackness clears as you blink back to life. You stand up, and around you is death and destruction, not unlike your first revival.

Except this time, the bodies were fresh. The embers still burned. And smoke billowed into the sky. The alabaster sphere of the traveler only visible as a dark shadow behind the ash and smoke.

“Thank the Traveler you’re alright… I thought I had lost you…”

A blazing jumpship whistles by as it plummets toward the Earth. You can hear screaming, shouting, and the comms are abuzz. The echoes of Guardians supercharging in the distance filled the air, and the blackened sky was aglow with hues of firey oranges, purples, and blues. You pick up your weapon, and march once more unto the breach.


All we knew was a fear of being hunted. And a terrible hunger. 

So we ran as a family. And when we needed to, as a family, we fed. 

Grand Blues 781 Katalina and the Lyria of the Past

[Katalina found her clothes from her time in the Erste Empire among her luggage]
Lieutenant of the Erste Empire, Katalina: “Wearing these reminds me of when I first met Lyria in the Empire.”

Vyrn: “Huh… what was Lyria like back then?”
Ka: “Unlike now, she spoke very little and gave a very subdued impression.”
Ka: “But of course that’s because she was being imprisoned by the empire…”
Lyria: “Wai- stop that, Katalina!”

Vy: “Ahaha! Though I kind of would like to see what it’d be like to have a quiet Lyria!”
Ly: “Geez! Vyrn-san, not you too!”
??: “You can’t!!

Zehek: “The power to control primal beasts… the girl in blue… and on top of that, if she became a silent type character…
(The Empire’s Secret/The Girl in Blue/Linked Fates/Primal Beasts/Lost Memories/SHWOOOP)
Lunalu: “Lyria’s chuuni-power would go beyond mortal limits!
Ly: “Chuuni-power!?

Orchid: “…if Lyria were silent, she’d overlap with me so…”
Or: “You can’t…”
Lyria: “Even Orchid!?