blues up

Okay, but what if the team went to a planet that thrived off emotions. Like they lived off of them. The stronger the emotion, the stronger they became. Like emotions kept their planet alive, it was the fuel that kept the lights on and the whole planet running, it was like electricity. Now imagine that Allura and the team are forming an alliance with them, and the aliens show them how it works. There’s this little platform with a smoky white orb displayed. They simply explain that all you have to do is press your palm against the orb, and boom. You contribute whatever emotion you’re feeling to the planet.

Now imagine Lance walking up to it, not saying a word, and just barely grazes the orb, and the entire planet just lights up. The lights get too bright to bear, some even exploding, and they can physically hear the hum of the energy in the air. The team looks in awe at the various blues that now light up the planet. One of the Paladins says “Wow Lance, I didn’t know you were /that/ excited about this mission.” Then one of the aliens just had the awed, grave look on their face and all they can say is “These colors do not mean happiness. They represent anguish.”


color doodles from a while ago. 
*coughs* that i almost forgot about