blues my favorite color

bts as studio ghibli films; nausicaä of the valley of the wind // jimin as nausicaä

For Jimin, few other feelings in the world can surpass the wonder of flight. The chill of wind through his hair, metal handles grasped tight in his gloves, the length of his body streamlined down the width of his glider; at night, his breath will stream silver behind him, lungs like bellows in the thin, cleaner air of these impossible heights.

For Jimin, few other places in the world can surpass the majesty of the Toxic Jungle, deep within its boundaries of poisoned plants and soil. Here his breath fogs in his face, gas mask secured over nose and mouth as he roams the polluted trees, listening to the scuttle of oversized insects through the brush. He leans down, brushes a gloved hand over luminous fungi. They glow bright blue in the darkness. “It’s so beautiful,” Jimin whispers, and he smiles. “It’s hard to believe these spores could kill me.

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  • Birthday: 8/23/1990
  • Gender: Female
  • Relationship status: Single
  • Favorite color(s): Black, White, Blues, Pinks
  • Pets: None, my dad owns fish but those aren’t really mine.
  • Wake up time: 10am, 8am if I have work. 12pm on an off-day.
  • Love or lust?: No.
  • Favorite food(s): Chocolate, Pastas, Cookies, Potatoes
  • Met a celebrity?: Various Voice Actors at Anime Conventions.
  • Last song listened to: [x]
  • First kiss: I never want to remember it. Ever.
  • Tall or short: Average, 5′5″

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It makes me happy

Its not pale compared to the Sun
Out of all the primary colors
Its my favorite one
Yet significant
I couldn’t tell the difference
Not in hues
Or implements
Primary colors get intricate
Mixing them
Kinda like when we get into it
But it’s my favorite one
So I avoid mixing it
Roses are red
Baby I hate the blues
She’ll ask me my favorite color
And you know the truth

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Relationship: idk what this means?? i have awesome familial relationships with my moms and i love my friends more than myself. romantically, i’m single as fuck. like. no one has ever been interested in me romantically and it would sound fake if anyone actually was

Favorite color: purples and blues!

Pets: my doggo!!

Wake up to: the korean exchange students who live on the floor below me screaming at 9am. or my heart beating too fast and my body feeling anxious for literally no reason

Cats or dogs: boTH!! YOU’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO MAKE ME CHOOSE!! (<– keeping tessa’s answer there bc relatable)

Coke or Pepsi: neither. not rly a fan of soda

Day or Night: neither lol but u can usually catch me dabbing at 4:20am

Text or Call: text. i usually only accept calls from my moms bc i’m too anxious to pick up to anyone else

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick. lipstick dries my lips out??

City or Country: country bc i’m not a fan of cities

Last book I read: physics of the impossible by michio kaku. that man causes my daily existential crises but it’s cool

Last song I listened to: uptown girl by billy joel

Last movie I watched: chicago (2002)

Top three TV shows: voltron, sense8, and star vs the forces of evil

Top three characters: (going with my fav characters from my top 3 shows) lance mcclain, sun bak, and marco diaz

Top three ships: klance (voltron), chloenette (miraculous ladybug), and drarry (harry potter. idk i’ve just been in a drarry mood recently??)

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I love things being between. I love nothing being certain. It might be why I love water so much; how it’s never constant, always flowing. And why my favorite color is blue with other blues in it. It might be singing, dancing, and acting, and why I love theatre that integrates all three. I love stars because we don’t know much about them, and I love the ocean for the same reason. I love half finished drawings, because sometimes the potential is more beautiful than the outcome, and that’s kind of how I see myself.
—  Unfinished. thisbedottie [x]

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Goals: tag people you want to get to know better!

Relationship status: single

Favorite color: blues, greens, pastels

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick, my lips are too cracked to use lipstick

Last song I listened to: ‘dance of illusions’ from the castlevania: symphony of the night soundtrack

Last movie I watched: last one i remember is the minions movie

Top 3 shows:

in no order and not including anime tbh,

  1. Gravity Falls
  2. Leverage
  3. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Top 3 characters:

also no specific order

  1. Marco Bodt from SNK
  2. Ignis Scientia from FFXV
  3. Ai Haibara from Detective Conan

Top 3 ships:

  1. shidge
  2. subaru x shiho/haibara
  3. i feel like there’s a big one that i’ve always liked but i cant remember it so instead i’ll just say kallura

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His eyes are blue
Not the kind writers endlessly romanticize in novels
“Like the sea, the waves, the ocean.”
They go on and on, I bet some of them have never even seen the ocean which seems, I know, irrational..but who knows.

All I know is his eyes are blue
With hints of green around the pupil
And they’re looking back at me
And I can tell he’s smiling because the ends of his eyes curl up slightly
And I can tell he’s about to kiss me because since the moment I met him he has been kissing me and he can’t stop and I don’t ever want him to.

His eyes are blue
And before I met him my favorite color was orange, you know like the deep orange of a sunset of some fancy shit like that.
But now blues my favorite color, I haven’t told him that’s the reason why, but I hope it makes him blush.

His eyes are blue and if I were to walk into any room, walk down any street, his blue eyes would be the first eyes Id meet

And I’m not too fond of eye contact, I don’t like it, even when talking to other people I tend to look at the ground, the sky, but god, I could stare into his eyes until mine dried up and hollowed out. But we’d laugh before that, the real kind of laughter where your whole mouth opens and your eye lids squeeze tight.

His eyes are blue, and I know we both don’t want to have kids but my eyes are this light brown, this plain average and sometimes I can’t help but fantasize about our child and what color her/his eyes would be.

His eyes are blue,
And since I met him,
I can’t take my eyes
Off his.

—  Michalla Garcia

dieformygoddamnship  asked:

I'm doing well~ And hey I just absolutely love your blog, sweetheart. Can you tell us what your favourite colours are? 💜

Thank you. I try to keep it organized. My favorite colors are black, blues, greens, gray, purple hues, reds, gold, silver and orange hues. I pretty much love all the colors ☺

anonymous asked:

I'm Rachel I like silvery colors and blues, purples, and greens My favorite ship at the moment is tree bros Triple Play Vanilla is the best ice cream flavor and I am willing to fight for it I have one cat, her name is Mia, and I'm getting another in June if I'm nice enough to my mom Also I wrote this at least three times over trying to get it right and I'm still not 100% sure if it's in the correct order lmao

Hey Rachel, I really like the color blue too. I hope you get another cat

thatgreensnakepinat  asked:

4, 24, 28

4. Favorite Color.

I really enjoy lots of colors but Blues and Purples are my favorites, cool colors are good colors.

24. Favorite Band.

Ah fuck I can’t believe you’ve done this. I have multiple! I really like Queen and Murder By Death, and because of Gy I really took a liking to Mother Mother. Oh and Sons of Perdition.

28. Favorite Movie.

FUCK!! Uh!! See the problem with that is because I havn’t seen a lot of films everything I usually see is because friends grab my hand and say hey we’re going to watch this now. I enjoy any and all movies as long as they aren’t like…u kno………..incorrect when trying to borrow real people from real life.

Thank you!! @ha-mu I’ve been just about every color under the sun :D greens/blues are my favorite colors! But I’ve done pink a lot more frequently
The neon green was my faaaaaave, it’s Electric Lizard by Manic Panic. It just stains so much, so hard to get rid of in a hurry. Arctic Fox is (or was, haven’t tested lately) much better for less staining.

You should do it!! I can understand that it’s tough. For me, I was sitting with my sister one day and looked at her and asked her if she wanted to shave my head. She did so alas I went bald XD the feeling strikes and you just have to go for it in that moment!! It’s taught me a lot and I don’t regret it at all! (And my hair was super super important to me)
Cutting hair is so freeing!! I used to have really long curly thick hair that gave me migraines, short hair is much better. No headaches! Glad for you! :)

My name’s Rune! They/them or he/him please. I’m 17 but regress baby-kindergarten ages an as a kitten! I’m looking for a carer!
I live in the central time zone, an I’ve got multiple blogs but my main is @shadoroses, my agere is @purrfectinyroyalty, an my petre is @justasmallkitty! My favorite colors are greys, blues, purples, an most greens! I love all animals but my favorite is kitties!!
I love RPGs, anime, an novels. My all time favorite stories are based in Victorian society, are mysteries, or have supernatural, mythological or magical elements! Even if they aren’t very good :P I also love all things Fae and animal related!
I legitamently can’t think of anything I dislike, I typically only have neutral opinions or I love it(and just say I hate it cause I don’t wanna admit i like it).

I swear this blog is one-half NT material, one-quarter shitposting and one-quarter pitiful attempts to make friends creating fanart for other AUs. This design, which belongs to @shirochiidesu, I saw recently and I JUST had to do fanart!

Blaster Sans (I think that’s what he’s called?) had a design that was…nostalgic and tickled me so. His design was JUST LIKE how I used to design back in the day before I turned into the complicated piece of shit I am :U ALSO his design contains  my favorite color combination: black and blues….complete with nice bright GLOWY blues~!! :D Also…TEENY BLASTERS <3

Please accept this offering of Blasty from a socially awkward space rock (aka Moon) who’s just trying to make friends ;A;

I should honestly do some more art of my own Sans soon….