blues my favorite color

Get to know your slave I mean writer.

-I’m from the northeast corner of Mississippi. This is why my writing is full of “y'all”

-I’m in band (I play trumpet)

-My favorite colors are purples, blues, greens, and silver

-I love reading and writing (duh)

-I work in a dental office, my mom’s dental office.

-I aim to one day be a dentist, but also write on the side

-My dad was the one to get me into Star Wars, I very clearly remember seeing the Clone Wars movie in theater.

-my dad RAISED me on Star Wars.

-My favorite Star Wars characters are: Rex, Fives, Wolffe, Kix, Han Solo, Leia, and Obi Wan. Anakin can choke.

-I like plants. Specially: cacti / succulents.

-I have two cats / two dogs

-I can rides a horse bc I’m a southern girl ™.

-I’m v short (4’11) and very ill tempered.

-I never leave the house without eyeliner on.

-I’m single. (And so very lonely.)

-My sense of humor consists of memes, and repeating funny things just louder.

-I wanna be like Captain Rex but I’m more of a Fives with a side of Commander Wolffe

-my friends call me an imagination whore for running this account

Finished one of my alternate-color-scheme Maul faces!

This one ended up having a lot less green in it than I’d originally planned! Still like it though … had a lot of fun with different values of Phthalo Blue!

(That’s one of two blues I have, and it might be my favorite color of all my watercolors! There’s so much depth to it, and so much brightness when it’s diluted. Also at some point I gotta do a painting of Thrawn in this color, if only so I can title it “Phthrawn”)

20 questions tag

i was tagged by @bellaasims and @melon-pixls so ya!!! thx guyz!!! i also think some other people tagged me but i cant keep up with y’all hahah so shout out to them :-*

Name: isabella
Nicknames: bunny (what i go by 99% of the time)
Zodiac sign: aries
Height: 5'9
Ethnicity: i took a dna test and i’m legitimately 99.99% white and .01% pacific islander lmaooo
Favorite fruit: apples or cherries or strawberries…. mmm
Favorite season: fall & winter
Favorite book series: hmmm i don’t really have a favorite series, i mostly read historic/nonfiction books about politics! (what i study and love)
Favorite scent: there’s a certain smell fall has…. that’s my favorite :-)
Favorite color: blues&pinks 
Favorite animal: dogs!!!! and i love otters lol
Average sleep hours: 6-8
Cat or dog person? dog person!!!!
Favorite fictional characters: hmmm i love max fischer from the movie rushmore. all of wes anderson’s characters are great
Number of blankets you sleep with: i have an electric blanket + a duvet :-)))
Dream trip: i really want to go back to italy bc i miss it!
Blog created: i have no clue, i didn’t start posting regularly til a couple of weeks ago
Number of followers: 100something, love y’all :-)))

i tag anyone who hasn’t done this yet!!!!!! 

I was tagged by @kittilean!

Name- Max

Nickname- Joanie, Juanita, faggot, parkeeb

Zodiac- leo♌

Height- 5'7

Sexual orientation- pansexual

Favorite fruit- probably either oranges or cherries

Favorite season- Autumn

Favorite book- oh gosh, currently Six of crows, I think

Favorite flower- can I just say all of them? I love basically any plant lol

Favorite sent- this is weird, but Ajax lavender dish soap, it makes me think of my mom

Favorite color- blues, purples, greens, and all pastels

Favorite animal- shark! They are so cute

Average sleep hours- 6-7 if im having a good week, 3-4 if a bad one

Cat or dog person- defiantly both! They are both so sweet and amazing!

Favorite fictional character- I couldn’t pick one! I have ones for books and show and movies, love them all so much!

Number of blankets you sleep with- just one, but its a fluffy big one

Dream trip- oh, traveling around the world I guess, so I could see my mom and meet other people in various countries

Blog created- this one was this year I think, or late last year, but I’ve been on tumblr since 2013-2014 I think

Number if followers- 40!!

And I tag!! @justanotherfabulousgay
@snowgremlin @natsudragneel8
@punkdadclub @unadulteratedweeping

His eyes are blue
Not the kind writers endlessly romanticize in novels
“Like the sea, the waves, the ocean.”
They go on and on, I bet some of them have never even seen the ocean which seems, I know, irrational..but who knows.

All I know is his eyes are blue
With hints of green around the pupil
And they’re looking back at me
And I can tell he’s smiling because the ends of his eyes curl up slightly
And I can tell he’s about to kiss me because since the moment I met him he has been kissing me and he can’t stop and I don’t ever want him to.

His eyes are blue
And before I met him my favorite color was orange, you know like the deep orange of a sunset of some fancy shit like that.
But now blues my favorite color, I haven’t told him that’s the reason why, but I hope it makes him blush.

His eyes are blue and if I were to walk into any room, walk down any street, his blue eyes would be the first eyes Id meet

And I’m not too fond of eye contact, I don’t like it, even when talking to other people I tend to look at the ground, the sky, but god, I could stare into his eyes until mine dried up and hollowed out. But we’d laugh before that, the real kind of laughter where your whole mouth opens and your eye lids squeeze tight.

His eyes are blue, and I know we both don’t want to have kids but my eyes are this light brown, this plain average and sometimes I can’t help but fantasize about our child and what color her/his eyes would be.

His eyes are blue,
And since I met him,
I can’t take my eyes
Off his.

—  Michalla Garcia

anonymous asked:

can i have an aesthetic for a red femscout who misses her red Spy dad? reds oranges and blues were my favorite colors! baseball bats, butterfly knifes, and maybe a father daughter bonding theme? trying to give a lot of example/suggestion aa. thank you so much!

Here ya go! Sorry about the watermark and the low quality of it but, I hope you like it! I couldn’t find much, honestly..

collinslily  asked:

congrats on 500, rachel! you deserve the world <3 💕 is my fav emoji and i'd love a moodboard if you've the time!! my favorite color scheme is pale blues and greys as well as black and white!!

aaaaaaaaaaaaah thank you ily & your blog + yep, i’ll start on it soon!

moodboards: 3 left to request!

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could I please request an INTP Leo Slytherin moodboard? For which mood I'd like, I'm down with anything 😂 Color-wise, I'm probably okay with just about anything too, but a few of my favorite color schemes are: very light pastels (baby blues, baby pinks, etc.), neon/glow (really, you don't know how many glow blogs I follow), metallics (gold/silver), and deep colors (blood red, navy blue, etc.). Again, I'm really okay with whatever you feel fits, though! I'm not picky ☺️ Thank you so much!

Just went up love!

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Favorite place: on my bed with my cats lying on various parts of my body and a good book in my hands

Favorite color: saturated blues or neutral pinks/purples

Last song I listened to: Weak by AJR

Favorite TV shows: American Horror Story, Stranger Things

First fandom: Warriors, 100%. (Had a cat oc named Viperfang, it was BAD)

Hobbies: art, reading, writing, sleeping. I wish I had time for any of these now!!

Book I’m currently reading: Midwinterblood

People I want to tag: @floweredbeard and any of my mutuals who want to do this!!!

I swear this blog is one-half NT material, one-quarter shitposting and one-quarter pitiful attempts to make friends creating fanart for other AUs. This design, which belongs to @shirochiidesu, I saw recently and I JUST had to do fanart!

Blaster Sans (I think that’s what he’s called?) had a design that was…nostalgic and tickled me so. His design was JUST LIKE how I used to design back in the day before I turned into the complicated piece of shit I am :U ALSO his design contains  my favorite color combination: black and blues….complete with nice bright GLOWY blues~!! :D Also…TEENY BLASTERS <3

Please accept this offering of Blasty from a socially awkward space rock (aka Moon) who’s just trying to make friends ;A;

I should honestly do some more art of my own Sans soon….

anonymous asked:

What's ur fav color What's ur fav food What was one of the best days of your life

Howdy, stranger!

1. My favorite color is blue. Especially dark, rich blues, but I’m not picky!

2. My favorite food is probably the burrito. They’re delicious, portable, and can have a wide variety of ingredients.

3. Those of you who know me well are going to think this is corny as fuck, so bear with me. The most recent “best day” I can think of is at the beginning of last semester, when One Acchord had callbacks. It felt like coming home, and everyone was so happy and excited to see each other. We were all hugging and singing and laughing and it is honestly one of my fondest memories.


Monday Blues

Let’s Break The Pattern

Like most people, I tend to fall victim to those Monday blues. One by one the emails start coming in and then you start panicking about all the work that’s coming up for the week. It’s usually nothing a first cup of coffee can’t fix but this Monday I’m tackling the feels by dressing up my blues with some print on print action. Blue is my favorite color so I’m trying to make it fun again with this outfit. I paired a large chevron pattern shirt with some smaller scale plaid trousers, both in shades of blue for a playful monochromatic look.


ASOS Shirt // Reiss (Similar) Trousers // ASOS Slip-ons // MADE Eyewear (Similar) Eyeglassess