blues my favorite color

bts as studio ghibli films; nausicaä of the valley of the wind // jimin as nausicaä

For Jimin, few other feelings in the world can surpass the wonder of flight. The chill of wind through his hair, metal handles grasped tight in his gloves, the length of his body streamlined down the width of his glider; at night, his breath will stream silver behind him, lungs like bellows in the thin, cleaner air of these impossible heights.

For Jimin, few other places in the world can surpass the majesty of the Toxic Jungle, deep within its boundaries of poisoned plants and soil. Here his breath fogs in his face, gas mask secured over nose and mouth as he roams the polluted trees, listening to the scuttle of oversized insects through the brush. He leans down, brushes a gloved hand over luminous fungi. They glow bright blue in the darkness. “It’s so beautiful,” Jimin whispers, and he smiles. “It’s hard to believe these spores could kill me.

Hi hi~!
I’m kinda new to the self ship tumblr community but my name’s Paige (I prefer to go by Paw though but call me whatever uvu)! I think it’s a super cute and supportive place I want to be in~! I super want to make some friends too so talk to me about your fav at any time I 100% love it.
My big faves right now are Peter Parker (Spiderman:Homecoming) and Elliot Bellamy (OC) but I have a whole long list of others- (like Osomatsu and Denki aND-)! 
So yeah!! Little things about me uh my favorite color is any blues, I love freckles, video games, and s/i’s?? So much??? So cute and creative!! Uwaaa!


Hello! Today, I’m hear to give my secret exchange present to my partner, @olyollyoxenfree

The secret exchange was hosted by the blog I’m a mod on, @precureconfessions

Your information was:

1. I draw, sing, and bake a little. My favorite colors are in the darker blues, and I enjoy cloudy days and starry nights, short scary/horror stories, and miniatures.
2. My favorite Precure characters are Cure Sunshine, the Fairy Tones, Cure Heart, Lance, Regina, Cure Princess, Cure Twinkle, Miss Shamour, Prince Kanata, and Shut.
3. My favorite Pretty Cure season is Go! Princess Precure, followed by DokiDoki! Precure.

Using this information, I made 2 small but still nice edits for Cure Sunshine and Cure Twinkle. Sorry it isn’t much, but I hope you like them!

His eyes are blue
Not the kind writers endlessly romanticize in novels
“Like the sea, the waves, the ocean.”
They go on and on, I bet some of them have never even seen the ocean which seems, I know, irrational..but who knows.

All I know is his eyes are blue
With hints of green around the pupil
And they’re looking back at me
And I can tell he’s smiling because the ends of his eyes curl up slightly
And I can tell he’s about to kiss me because since the moment I met him he has been kissing me and he can’t stop and I don’t ever want him to.

His eyes are blue
And before I met him my favorite color was orange, you know like the deep orange of a sunset of some fancy shit like that.
But now blues my favorite color, I haven’t told him that’s the reason why, but I hope it makes him blush.

His eyes are blue and if I were to walk into any room, walk down any street, his blue eyes would be the first eyes Id meet

And I’m not too fond of eye contact, I don’t like it, even when talking to other people I tend to look at the ground, the sky, but god, I could stare into his eyes until mine dried up and hollowed out. But we’d laugh before that, the real kind of laughter where your whole mouth opens and your eye lids squeeze tight.

His eyes are blue, and I know we both don’t want to have kids but my eyes are this light brown, this plain average and sometimes I can’t help but fantasize about our child and what color her/his eyes would be.

His eyes are blue,
And since I met him,
I can’t take my eyes
Off his.

—  Michalla Garcia
I love things being between. I love nothing being certain. It might be why I love water so much; how it’s never constant, always flowing. And why my favorite color is blue with other blues in it. It might be singing, dancing, and acting, and why I love theatre that integrates all three. I love stars because we don’t know much about them, and I love the ocean for the same reason. I love half finished drawings, because sometimes the potential is more beautiful than the outcome, and that’s kind of how I see myself.
—  Unfinished. thisbedottie [x]

I swear this blog is one-half NT material, one-quarter shitposting and one-quarter pitiful attempts to make friends creating fanart for other AUs. This design, which belongs to @shirochiidesu, I saw recently and I JUST had to do fanart!

Blaster Sans (I think that’s what he’s called?) had a design that was…nostalgic and tickled me so. His design was JUST LIKE how I used to design back in the day before I turned into the complicated piece of shit I am :U ALSO his design contains  my favorite color combination: black and blues….complete with nice bright GLOWY blues~!! :D Also…TEENY BLASTERS <3

Please accept this offering of Blasty from a socially awkward space rock (aka Moon) who’s just trying to make friends ;A;

I should honestly do some more art of my own Sans soon….


Andrews gift to me this Valentines Day. ~

OKAY! There is a little story behind this, whenever Andrew would send me packages on Christmas and my birthday when we were still in a long-distance relationship, he would always pack a rose he made out of aluminum foil in it, I think he did it as a Beauty and the Beast reference (his favorite movie). Andrew went through a previous relationship that ended quite badly and he after that he didn’t want to date anyone and believed he would be without love, he didn’t want to get hurt again. Much like Beast who thought no one could love him in return or he could show no one that love as well. Though I happy to say he is able to love again, sharing his enchanted rose with me instead of leaving it to wilt. We have been living together for over two years now and been together as a couple for over four. Now, today I get to add another rose to my bouquet Q uQ! He used blue resin on it so it would keep its shape (And cause blues my favorite color). I feel bad now cause I bought his gift when he gave me such a thoughtful one Q AQ!!! OIALHIHNKAF

Someone once told me that if I were to ever declare my feelings for her, that I needed to do it in a poetic way.
I don’t think I can do that though, I don’t think any amount of poetry will ever allow me to fully grasp the way I feel about her.
I don’t think there are enough lines in my poetry to declare the way she makes my heart beat fast and heavy all at the same time.
I don’t think there’s enough words in the Webster dictionary to describe how much she has come to mean to me in such a short amount of time.
How her smile can light up the darkest of my days and her tears can ruin Christmas Day.
How her laugh haunts my nights and her eyes change between the bluest of the blues and the greenest of the greens and it’s slowly becoming my favorite color.
You see, I’ve always been a poet and I’ve always been a writer, but when this girl came along, it’s like. I can’t find the perfect words to say to her because the only thing that sounds perfect coming out of my lips is her name.

chakanncmdkkwkdksks-deactivated  asked:

Are there any brands that you'd recommend for colored mascara that's like bright colors, greens, blues, pinks, purples and those alike?

My favorite out of all the ones I’ve tried (and I’ve tried pretty much all of them) are the ones by butter London. I actually like the brush on the Anastasia ones more but that has been discontinued….the butter london ones are suprisingly good if you cry a lot and get mascara over your face and come in lovely colors. This one is $11.99? Mmm yes. I love the butter london ones 4 the colorful crybabies. I cried a lot during the test period. I am committed 2 endurance testing my mascaras. Please excuse my oversharing I am very sleep deprived


Monday Blues

Let’s Break The Pattern

Like most people, I tend to fall victim to those Monday blues. One by one the emails start coming in and then you start panicking about all the work that’s coming up for the week. It’s usually nothing a first cup of coffee can’t fix but this Monday I’m tackling the feels by dressing up my blues with some print on print action. Blue is my favorite color so I’m trying to make it fun again with this outfit. I paired a large chevron pattern shirt with some smaller scale plaid trousers, both in shades of blue for a playful monochromatic look.


ASOS Shirt // Reiss (Similar) Trousers // ASOS Slip-ons // MADE Eyewear (Similar) Eyeglassess