blues artwork

So, I was explaining to my little brother why Proto Man uses a shield, and I put it like “his defense is lower than Mega Man’s, and his core causes him to have less energy than the other robots.” My brother then commented that it’s not unlike me, living with an illness that keeps me from having the same amount of energy as others my age.

The more I think about it the more sympathy I feel for poor Blues. So I drew him being emotional. The end.

More crazy colors in my latest painting, ‘In Tranquil Dreams.’ In this one, I was going for a kind of a Mother Nature kind of feel. It shows a beautiful woman who’s hair drapes down over the side of a cliff, merging and becoming the waterfall below. It was a challenge to portray with this color scheme, but I enjoyed it.

I’m really having fun playing around with bright, saturated colors in the last two paintings, actually. Hopefully you all are enjoying it, as well!