Sonny Criss - Blue Sunset (I’ll Catch The Sun,1969)  

Sonny Criss (as)
Hampton Hawes (p)
Monty Budwig (b)
Shelly Manne (ds)

A painting of sadness.

I looked pleasant today because I was fucking looking forward to run into you. And God knows how much I hate the word pleasant, especially when it comes to describing myself, for I know, I’m far from pleasant.

I even wore those black shiny shoes that are so painful but fitted my outfit so much that I thought fuck it, I’m seeing you tonight. What a sad creature I’ve become.

I dunno what made me think I’m seeing you tonight. God what a fool I am. 

My ankles hurt like fuck and I can’t blame anyone but my self loathing self. 

The brown sweater and the black shoes along with the black leather bag matched just perfectly. Everything was in place, even my hair decided to stay in place. What a vain creature I’ve become.

I looked like a painting of sadness. Alone, sipping my tea, smoking, and pretending to be busy while trying to ingest my loneliness. 

Dusty I was, like a stranded old painting at a museum that no one visits anymore 

Oggi vi presentiamo il design completo del nostro protagonista, il samurai! Come vedete il suo abito è rovinato, elemento che ci suggerisce la sua vita “on the road”. Inoltre la katana che porta è della “famiglia” detta Shirasaya, che nei tempi andati erano appunto katane mascherate da bastoni, utili per sfuggire ai controlli quando non era consentito andare in giro armati. Un altro dettaglio importante per la natura girovaga del nostro Samurai! Blues on guys!

Art by mirkotreccani