Guitar legends Ike Turner with Matt “Guitar” Murphy, Scotty Moore and Joe Louis Walker at Central Park’s SummerStage in New York on July 26, 1997.

Murphy, famous as part of the Blues Brothers band, played in the Blue Flames with Turner in 1952, while Moore played with Elvis Presley’s group.  

Joe Louis Walker: “He [Ike] was a great musician and musical visionary. We toured England, France, Germany and the USA culminating in our Central Park USA show, where we brought Scotty Moore and Matt Murphy. Learned quite a bit from them all. They were all originators and anyone playing roots style music owes them a debt of gratitude. Thank you.”


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Race with me to the sheer blue cliffs
We’ll make a fire as daylight fades
Words break down, hearts flounder and drown
Embers ascend into singing flames

I don’t normally go for cool blues, but the shadows fell so perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for a better in-the-shadows-and-harsh-light photo.