Hi it’s me back with another follow forever after over half a year has gone by and somehow in that time i managed to reach over 4.5k followers?? (tbh i was gonna just wait until i got 5k but who knows how long that will take lmao)

Now that the year’s almost over I’ve been doing that self-reflection thing and even though 2016 sucked ass for a lot of us and we’re just gonna erase this year from our minds forever, I’m never gonna forget the amazing people i met on here this year. I was really going through a rough patch because of uni but so many of you encouraged me and kept me going strong which is why i must admit that this year was really great for me haha. even if you just liked or reblogged a post from me, tagged me in a meme or just sent me a quick message saying hi, you guys all made me feel appreciated (even if it was just in a small way lol) so thanks to all of you again!!

Here are some of the amazing blogs i encountered in 2016:) 

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blueruins  asked:

Captain Kronos is one of my favorite Hammer films! Underrated for years. And, of course, Caroline Munro is absolutely gorgeous in it. ;)

I was just reading about all the problems on set with this film and how they intended it to be a series of films and even a possible TV series. It’s such a weird one in comparison to the Karnstein films and Vampire Circus. Munro is always stunning she was a huge crush for me as a kid.