⚓️David Webster // Modern Summer Aesthetic⚓️

Requested by @webgottrash

“David Webster and his love for summer time because it means he can spend the long day with his beloved boat, watching the sails unfurled as he navigates it into the open water, stopping in the middle of the vast sea to read Kafka and Nietzsche, contemplating about life and the purpose of him being in this world. Webster with eyes bluer than the sea and his deep fascination with sharks, a creature that is largely misunderstood by people just like how they misunderstand him” (x)

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Today in “Warmups that got too far: I should be working- edition” Some more Weston stuff. I like Bluer and I remember someone requested Violet. I came back to the manga. To be honest I´m a sucker of sports anime and I enjoyed the criket tournament a lot.

And the second page…I have been tryng to draw Sebastian dancing and singing since the chapter aired up. But all my attempts where terrible. So this satdisfies me but still not sure. I really love his subtle fangs when he opens wide.

©Yana Toboso