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#HISTORY(#히스토리) 4th Mini Album <#Beyond_the_HISTORY> Tracklist. 2015. 05. 21. 0 AM Release


1. Mind Game

Composed by Shinhyuk, KZ, Jordan Weiner, Kim Hyunggyu, Jarah Gibson / Lyrics by D’Day / Arranged by Shinhyuk, Jordan Weiner / Rap Making by Kim Sihyung

2. 죽어버릴지도 몰라 (Might Just Die)

Composed by Jang Yijeong / Lyrics & Arranged by Jang Yijeong / Rap Making by Jang Yijeong, Kim Sihyung

3. Ghost

Composed & Lyrics by KZ, Jang Yijeong / Arranged by KZ / Rap Making by Jang Yijeong, Kim Sihyung

4. Slow Down

Composed & Lyrics & Arranged by E-Tribe

5. 1Century (Jang Yijeong Solo)

Composed by BlueRhythm, Jang Yijeong / Lyrics by Jang Yijeong / Arranged by BlueRhythm

Rυιη Yσυя Rнутнм

✯○ ✯ - ]] Puffed out cheeks were turning rosie from how long he’d had them that way, chin rested on the heel of his palm before his free hand pressed the top of juice pouch into his mouth, teeth chewing away at the packaging in mild thought as amaranth hues seemed full of emotion, most of which was concern. He still hadn’t found a single person to enter the swim club he’d insisted on starting. As bad as it sounded, the first year was beginning to think trying to start the club was a mistake. 

Rose eyes closed as a slight whine came from his throat as he sat the bench of the train stop as he waited to head home. His free hand held his drink pouch to his mouth and he fell into his cloud of thought and planning, ignoring as his grip slowly tightened on the pouch until– 

“Ahh-!” His grip loosened right away, practically ripping the drink out of his mouth as he felt it all spill over his face and, unfortunately, his uniform, soaking the material thoroughly as he tried to catch his drink before it fell, “No, no!” He cried out and was relieved when he caught the pouch in his hold. Standing, the swimmer frowned somewhat and looked over his clothes. They’d need a very deep washing right away to avoid any permanent staining… Heaving a heavy sigh, Nagisa sat back down, head dropping somewhat.