bluequail  asked:

Heyy Yuroran! just a quick super curious question... but what would you say are your main inspirations?? (also your drawings always have such looovely lines hnng~) 6v6;;

Hi!! Ahh thank you so much dear~ I do what I can!

Let’s see… inspirations… well, you can always find inspiration from anything as long as you search for it right? Music, fashion, fandoms, pop culture in general… all of those things can be really inspiring and work a lot for me.

But I’m not really good at drawing things on a whim or too spontaneously (trying to change that though) so, I get more inspired when I know my work is going to be enjoyed by someone or will serve a purpose. “Goals” are my inspiration. All kinds of goals I mean. Goals to better myself as an artist, goals to make someone happy, etc. 

Other than that, I look up to several artists and designers, and seeing them improve and work keeps me motivated. I keep thinking “one day, I’d like to work with them…” “one day I want to be better than them…!” and things like that.

I guess you could say I get inspired by people. ( ˘ω˘ )