“Mass Effect: Initiation” Asari Fluff

This isn’t a comprehensive list.  I’ll add to it as I come upon more information.  Page numbers are from the iPad version of the book.

According to “Mass Effect: Initiation”, asari:

  • Flash their biotics as a display of postured aggression
    • “Their version of krogan headbutting, or turian mandible-clacking, or human and batarian fist-clenching.” (Page 16)
  • Aren’t all the same height and build (they can be tall and muscular)
  • “Plan things to death” and then “plan it some more”
    • Especially as Huntresses
  • Combine physical and academic/spiritual/philosophical training as Huntresses
  • Are still considered children in their 20′s
    • Huntresses are still considered “babies” experience-wise when they’re “only a few centuries old”
  • Prefer cooler climate-controlled environments
  • View Maidens as promiscuous
    • So asari do have an idea of promiscuity among their own species
    • Maiden promiscuity isn’t viewed in a negative light, but among asari is considered a Maiden trait
    • They tend to assume Maidens who are close friends are also sexual partners
  • View their biotics in a spiritual/philosophical way
    • “We are living weapons, we huntresses.”  Nisira’s deep, night-soft voice came into her head again.  “Your race is only beginning to understand what eezo can do, what the mass effect truly is, the potential of dark energy, but you came to Thessia to learn as we asari learn, so I’ll tell you.  We are gravity bound by will.”  (Page 19)
  • View their biotics as a natural part of their biological selves
    • View biotics of other species as a fusion of organic and synthetic due to the implants and amps they require
  • Move together in groups and at a uniform speed, leaving more personal space between each other than other species do
    • “She’d read somewhere that their version of politeness meant a slightly wider zone of personal space, just beyond easy melding distance.” (Page 11)
  • Don’t particularly mind other species coming to them to learn their customs, Huntress training included
  • Eat two meals a day
    • Hints at Thessian ingredients used in asari dishes being exceptionally calorie-rich so that these two meals contribute more to their diet
  • Sometimes practice polygamy
    • One asari has two husbands of two different species, one krogan and the other turian - the book says “husbands” specifically not “bondmates” and doesn’t mention a distinction
  • Are said to display some emotions and expressions with their scales
  • Mesh biotic fields as a practice of emotional and personal bonding, establishing a feeling of closeness and togetherness
  • Combine dancing and martial arts - described as being like “capoiera or tai chi”
    • Keeps them limber and makes them more capable of quick and deadly biotics-assisted strikes
    • Expounded upon in the text “Light From the Shadows” considered the asari version of “The Art of War”
      • This text is sometimes given to members of other species working with Huntress and Commando squads so they can better understand asari military doctrine
    • Cora half-jokes that asari strippers perform this martial art while dancing - they are more than capable of defending themselves without a bouncer
  • Sometimes dye their scalp as a fashion accessory
    • It’s hard to get shampoo on Thessia
      • This is said jokingly in reference to Cora’s hair, but it might hint that asari have other hygiene practices related to their crests that don’t involve liquid soaps

Other asari-related trivia:

  • Some humans call asari fetishizers “bluepies” - a play on the word “groupie” incorporating asari skin color
    • The word has a negative connotation
  • “Tranto” and “pinchesa” are asari words that indicate divisions of sections of an asari text, like “stanza” and “verse”
  • Cora has learned to assume all asari are referred to in the feminine after living for four years on Thessia
    • Draw your own conclusions from this, especially re: the asari pronouns scene in ME:A

December 4th: Added and clarified some things.

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