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Holiday Shop Announcement!

Bluephone Studios will be closing sales for physical items this Sunday, December 13th. There are still some dino buddies, ocean friends, and space critters available, so check them out before they’re gone!

Patterns will remain up until Friday, December 25th. After that the shop will be closed for a short vacation, and reopen in January 2016. See you guys then!

I received my daughter’s gifts from Pocket Sushi. I haven’t been able to take pictures of them yet, because I can’t pry her from them. :P I did order this one for myself though! I love supporting talented crocheters, especially the nice ones like the guy at Pocket Sushi or Kelsey at BluePhone Studios. I like to buy their finished projects to show my appreciation for the craft. Yeah I could sit back and figure out how to make my own, but then I’d feel like a jerk for ripping off their design. I’ll only make them if they offer the pattern for sale. Call me picky… or elitist… or just plain weird. I guess I just know how hard it is to pour your creativity into something just to have someone else do it… and cheaper… and usually not as well. So your designs go misinterpretted and understated. BUT that is enough of my weird thought process for the moment.

I’ll be finishing up the mini penguin for Redthreadredemption and shipping it off Monday morning, so be looking for pics of that coming up tomorrow. They picked some really good colors and I’m always happy to give these little guys away! ^_^  Its taken me a bit longer than expected because of work, so I hope that they aren’t too disappointed.

I’ll be having another contest coming up in the next two weeks. So keep checking back! Until then, happy hooking!


I am SO excited to share this T-Rex I made from a pattern by @bluephone

The green one is already snuggled in a gift bag to send to my friend whose baby shower was canceled last weekend. The pink camouflage one now called “T-Sex” found a home in my cousin’s room.  

Pattern is available for purchase on Etsy:


And here’s the first release: Penguins!

I had a lot of fun designing and making these little guys, and I’m super excited to finally be able to share them with you! Be sure to stop by the shop and check them out!

It’s also time to clean out the winter inventory at Bluephone Studios! All items marked SALE are 20% off! It’s the perfect time to snatch up those hats, scarves, or gloves you’ve been wanting before they’re retired!

That’s right! Bluephone Studios has cracked 100 sales!

When I first opened the shop I didn’t expect to sell anything at all, and everyone’s response to the stuffed animals has just blown me away. A big thank you to all my customers and the nice people who like my stuff on tumblr! You guys are awesome!

We’ve got something very special in store for you at Bluephone Studios this October.

In our first-ever collaborative effort, we’ve teamed up with graphic designer Hannah Eaton to brew a strange new batch of critters. A touch of the odd, a hint of the weird, a dash of things that go bump in the night: Hannah’s designs have been a delight to work with, and soon they will be released onto an unsuspecting world.

Are you ready?


Had to finish my Chameleon before starting back up on my scarf project. He’s been half done for a while and I didn’t want to leave the little guy at the bottom of my crochet bag hoping to spawn eyeballs.

He was somewhat difficult and he’s not perfect… But he’s super cute!

I added a picture of him on the side of my Rexie for prospective. Note to beginning crocheters: “Fewer stitches does not always mean an easier pattern.”