Blueliners Squad

That first episode of Blueliners was gr9, but so much was going on it was a little hard to keep track of who’s-who, so I made this little guide for the characters.

Maggie Cole,, my daughter, probably the best dman/dwoman to ever exist. I love and support her. 10/10 would let her kick my ass. 10/10 would kick other peoples’ asses for her, but she can do that herself. My heart is so full of pride just thinking about her. 

Brandon Keller (aka Kelly)- Called Zach like a million times over the summer. He is beautiful and bi and I love him. Look at that smile. Incredible. I can’t believe that literal sunshine is a part of the team.

Zach Funakoshi- Chirped Zach for calling him a billion times, then told him he was glad that he did because otherwise he would “get lonely all the way out in San Fran.” Gay. (you, probably: “Dude, stop saying everyone’s gay. They can’t all be gay.” me: *continues to project my queerness onto fictional characters*)

He’s also the angel that made this face @ Pfaff

Oh my god what a cutie?? I love him?? This is Robbie Olson. He’s Tony’s best friend and likes to chirp people. The Mom Friend™. I want to wrap him in a soft blanket. 

Tony Mancini seems to be pretty chill around his friends, but he’s also a little,, intense. He’s going to be Maggie’s d-partner, and according to the about page the main conflicts of the story are going to be related to their relationship. (Me, slowly wiping my eyes: “can you believe all of the friendship and camaraderie that’s going to be built?? can you??” You: “Chill, the comic came out yesterday” Me, still crying: “Yeah, you’re right but can you believe-”)

Anders Pfaff- or as I will less than affectionately call him, “McDouche-Face.” Overtly sexist and not chill. While most of the conflict in the story may be between Maggie and Tony, my money is on Pfaff being the antagonist. 

Blueliners: What we know so far

Brandon “Kelly” Keller #42:

-Calls Zach a lot

-Brown hair green eyes

Zach “Kosh” Funakoshi #9:

- Lives in San Francisco

-Black hair dark eyes

Robbie Olson #22:

-½ of the Wonder Twins


-Dark reddish hair, green eyes, freckles

-Is a sweet cinnamon roll

-Potentially from Massachusetts, at least stays there in the summer

Tony “Manny” Mancini #21:

-other ½ of the Wonder Twins


-Is probably under a lot of pressure because the media is talking about him

-Sick blond flow and dark eyes

-Lives in New Jersey

Pfaff #61:

-Light blonde hair, pale, blue eyes

Maggie Cole #19:

-Just the best ever

-From Minnesota

-Is a kick ass D-man


“Addy” Adkins #40: