Another loveless theory from the bottomless pit of loveless theories no. 893838383

I have a half formed sort of theory- what if the person who died in Seimei’s place was…himself.

Cloning  is a thing in the Lovelessverse. Natsuo and Youji are strongly hinted to be the clone children of Nagisa  and her late sister Sanae. (N and Y look like them, we know they were ‘created’ not born naturally). In fact the anime really should have given the Zero boys hair colours like Nagisa and Sanae, which would have made it more obvious.

Rather than red and mint green, they should have had blonde or black hair like Nagisa and Sanae-yes Nagisa is a platinum blonde in the manga not a bluehead, that’s something the manga Got Wrong and yes I’m still salty about it thankyou.

(I also think that Yamato and Kouya were cloned from people Nagisa knew in the past-there’s a picture by Kouga that strongly hints at this showing a young and still eared and tailed Nagisa and Sanae with two girls who look just like the Zero girls. The timeline is all wrong for this to be them=Y and K aren’t born yet at this time. So it must be their ‘clone mothers’.)

And there is much to be said about the Zero/Beloved correlation-one does not feel physical pain, the other emotional. It’s probably no coincidence that those are the only two names without the ‘less’ suffix.

The anime messed up the characters’ hair colours in general. But anyway-

The thing about Seimei’s replacement being identified by dental records, is a clue I think. Perhaps Seimei’s conciousness was uploaded into a new clone body and the old now lifeless body was burnt in his place. The perfect faking of death. Because the death really did happen. Sort of.

What if all sacrifices are ‘reborn’ in new bodies when they are ‘sacrificed’. The whole thing with Seven Moons is resurrection. Hence ‘wisdom resurrection’. That clue has been in plain sight all along.

I think cloning/resurrection has something to do with all this. And it probably has something to do with Misaki’s belief that Ritsuka is not Ritsuka

I haven’t worked out all the possible details but this is the area I’m mentally dabbling in.

There is so many areas of the story which need exploration. Apart from Seimei’s motivations, the backstory of Nagisa and Sanae is something that has been hinted at and is really important. (the reason why Nagisa hates sacrifices amost certainly has something to do with Sanae’s death)

The backstory of Ritsu and Chouko..(.I have a feeling that Chouko gave her ears to someone else so Ritsu had to ‘remedy’ that in his disordered psyche by taking her son’s something creepy and fucked up like that…that would be very Kouga Yun.)

Not to mention what’s up with Kio’s family and why his nine year old daughter doesn’t have ears etc…Ritsuka and Seimei’s unnamed and barely seen dad, he has to have something to do with something since we know the family is a powerful one in 7 Moons etc .there’s just so much that needs to be filled in. (I honestly don’t think she will do it in just two more volumes)

I only hope that Kouga will finally get to it and do it justice.

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