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Mod: have any headcanons for gillideo?

Most of my headcanons for them are headcanons for the individual characters or their XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance as a whole

Let´s see which ones I remember :D
-Ideo has a very strict diet and schedule and makes the four of them follow it to a tee. He will make them strong in the real way or die trying. And by die he means them, they will die. His training is draconian.
-I believe Gilly and Ideo knew each other from previous tournaments, maybe they were friends already even.
-Gilly is the more laid back of the two and helps Abdullah and Jeet when they are about to die from Ideo´s training, like, sneaking snacks or telling Ideo he´ll train them today but then he takes them to get a drink or something
-Ideo is super clean and probably showers 2-3 times a day and he was totally 100% against having the bull on board (Ab and jeet totally adopted that bull as the team pet). The bull ended up coming but he sleeps on the deck.
-I kinda imagine Gilly being like the Robin of the team: Laid back, doing his own thing, laughing at everyone´s antics. Also he has the same fashion sense as Franky so his wardrobe is 100% colorful shirts and speedos.
-As for Gillideo as a couple, I think it would be rather platonic, they do a bit of everything, but it mostly looks like a super solid friendship by people who don´t know them. I don´t see Ideo being a fan of PDA. Maybe Gilly.