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I decided to unfollow some people cuz I feel they really are not here for Louis and only for Harry. My eyes open when Louis' promo started lots of them said they are taking a break but they were blogging things about Harry. So if you have people that love Louis and are not fake can you let me know so I can follow them. Thank you


Oh god….. well, here are the people that I follow that I believe are Louies or at the very least people that see right through Harry’s bullshit:

@louissoulmate @niallloverontheloose @imalouislouie @starlightandmemories  @peachbottomprince @tendertumpeachybum @blueges @lilafowlers @sololoueh @lovenchy @louis-is-a-skyfullofstars @thezouistattoo …. I follow a lot of blogs… I’m too lazy to look through every single page; however, this is a good start. Look through their notes && you’ll find people who you might like. 

Ok. I’ll look through all of them…. :)

@louis-my-king @swankyspankyhankypanky @realwonder @loveship67 @ithazzabelou @witheringspite @genuinelouis @spaceslouie @zaynsbus1tattoo @lanjev @starsinhisblueeyes @voldypottcastle @adrianegarza2 @gpalmora @popfan4ever @mynameisntwalter @softhie @ladycobra02 @thewestendgirl @coolmicha85 @momofthelarriess @beaming-lou  @butterflies-summertime @louisftlouie @halo-of-a-strong-heart @kingofpoplouis

any other Louies, feel free to add your name (&& follow me!! =] )

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What's keeping your interest at the moment?

Mabel Neilson and her encounters with the Gauthier boys. My my, that girl needs to make up her mind. The Lone Wolf wasn’t more than a one-night-stand? Yeah, right.

Oh yeah guys… A long long time ago i had an idea for a crossover… But I’m not sure how to go about talking about it… Maybe I’ll do some art and then talk about it because I honestly don’t want anyone saying that I copied this or copied that.

It’s a crossover between Maximum Ride and Homestuck. I call it RideStuck.

Now for those of you who don’t know what Maximum Ride is, I’ll give you a crash course. It’s a book series by James Patterson about this group of kids who were scientifically modified to have Avian DNA. In other words, Birdkids.

Now before you say my AU is like Featherbent or Wingstuck, here’s where my own change occurs.

Yeah the kids have wings, but depending on certain attributes that happen to them in the comic, they are… Different. For example, Jade would have K9 DNA too. Dave would be mostly bird and Rose would have some sort of cephalopod mixed in with her DNA

Not all the trolls have wings. Many of them are hinted to their Zodiac. Mind you in this case the AU is completely humanstuck. And another note, their genetic alterations are based on both their lusii and their Zodiac.

I dunno there is also a huge list of dead people. But ehhh, if you like it talk to me about it and I might start posting the story along with it. Or even make an ask blog who knows. But I want an opinion.. Yay or nay?