at least the pen comes tomorrow..

Also, since Jacob deleted his post, sake wins this round for the hide the body game.  no one would find the body, though the time it would take to cut him/her up into flush-able pieces isn’t the most feasible thing but still creative.  I did like the laughing to death though, that was good.  

also, sliver…

go home, you’re drunk.


Speaking on New Ideas (or the lack there of)
  • *talking about Homestuck*
  • ...
  • BlueFox: It's good to see that it's still possible to start from jack shit and build yourself up into something the world enjoys
  • Stellar: yeah no kidding...
  • Stellar: of course... this is some really mind blowing shit.
  • Stellar: it's hard to come up with this kind of thing now a days and not be copying someone
  • BlueFox: very true. Just about everything has been done by now
  • Stellar: yeah... yeah it has...
  • Stellar: it's a shame.
  • Stellar: I wonder what happens when we run out of ideas..
  • BlueFox: either new stuff will be discovered to give us more inspiration or people will forget things that have been done and they'll become new again.
  • Stellar: buh..
  • BlueFox: hmm?
  • Stellar: I don't know... I kinda worry about that.
  • Stellar: it's like... you can't make anything new anymore.
  • Stellar: and thus it makes everything more dull.
  • Stellar: I think that's why we're so violent.
  • Stellar: we're just bored as fuck of the same old thing.