This chapter is all about spirit evocation and lot’s of of it.

I put an enormous amount of work into it and I hope it shows.  Love you guys! :3
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anonymous asked:

What is a "chaos witch"?

What is chaos magick? I looked at the faq and couldn’t find it!

A Chaos Witch, also sometimes called a Chaote, is someone who practices Chaos Magick.

Chaos Magick is slightly more difficult to define. It’s a paradigm in which the central belief is that belief is merely a tool of magick rather than the end itself. Many of its beliefs have diffused into the magick/witchcraft community. The most obvious one I can think of is the more recent belief that your tools don’t make or break your witchcraft/magick and that it’s largely your intent. Another main point in Chaos Magick is the use of Gnosis which is an altered state of consciousness that is similar to Hyperfocus from ADHD though it’s purposefully induced and controlled by various methods depending on the practitioner.

This website has a decent explanation for it and even breaks it down into math for those who like that kind of thing

I’d advise reading some of Peter Carroll’s works as he’s a rather prominent Chaote though I believe he has long since retired. Many of his works can be found here

Another prominent writer of Chaos Magick is @bluefluke and Chapter’s 1-3 of his Psychonaught Field Manuel can be downloaded here

One warning about BlueFluke is that he does talk about using Kabbalah which considering the spelling I can only assume he is talking about Jewish Kabbalah which I’d advise you not use as it’s Jewish Mysticism and therefore part of a semi-closed practice which you would need to be initiated into. However Hermetic Qabalah is open and could probably be easily used in a similar manner though it would take some extra study if you want to take that route. There are other methods he goes into instead of Kabbalah so it’s not entirely necessary to worry about it.

Lastly (I promise because this is getting long) two of the most well known things that Chaos Magick has spawned are Sigils and Servitors.