How to market through your customers - lesson from Blueflamme

Not too long till it’s Christmas and the start of the New Year! Hooray!

There have been quite a few ‘Design Your Own’ fashion start ups launch in the past few months and they all have a similar way of doing things - design via an app or configure on product page, get it made in China/HK at a similar price point to each other. The jewellery start up Stylerocks (our local version of Gemvara) is different as they get their goods made in Australia, like us! They launched pretty much the same day as us.

Bleuflamme is the latest in the 'design your own shirt’ space and when I read the Techcrunch article I thought 'How is this one going to be different to Blank Label or Joe Button?’ I really like both websites so not sure how you’d top 'em. 

And then I read the customer testimonial page and gasped. They’ve smartly sent their shirts to key corporate executives and thus positioned themselves extremely well - a custom designed shirt for the very man who would be likely to get one tailored so would understand the savings received by designing online via Blueflamme. Now this is a business team that will go the distance!

So often a business markets itself on the press or awards it receives, and not enough on it’s customers. It’s amazing to see this one receive positive words from the people their target customer would aspire to be like - not film stars but 'business stars’. 

Shoes Of Prey, an established company in this online 'Design Your Own’ space regularly markets through the positive testimonials from it’s customers received on their facebook page and via email, and features examples of typical customers on their blog. I’m particularly excited about Shoes of Prey as I’ve met the Founders at 2 of their Friends and Family sales and getting the shoes I’ve designed for Christmas!

We’re still figuring out who the stars are for our target customers. Who are the 'stars’ your customers would aspire to be like?