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My fingers cannot snap hard enough in praise for your comments about Becca. I feel the aggravation.

my sweet vixen is love incarnate, i however am made solely of piss and vinegar. she could answer these things waaaaaaaay better than i ever could, haha. 

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God within two seconds of me scrolling through Tumblr this morning, you already have hate mail all over my feed which is total and complete bullshit. So I mean this from the bottom of my heart, I hope who ever is sending you these messages falls down a flight of stairs. Embarrassingly so.


Better Late than Never: thetricia's 2012 Follow Forever!

Admittedly, I’ve only been active on Tumblr for a couple months, so this list is rather short. However! They are all fantastic, beautiful, wonderful people and if you’re not following them WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

…To be fair, I don’t know if the FF protocol allows for side blogs or just personal ones, but SCREW THE RULES I’m including some AWESOME non-personal blogs too. :D

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E: everyoneisgay

F: f-ckyeahheadlines fuckyeahfemshepliara

G: gamingtranscribed garfieldminusgarfield georgetakei

J: jonavarkwanders

K: kawaiiproject

L: ladyimpala littleredjinglebells lordnutari

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P: pilarduarte psychotic-psychologist

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