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1.  W1. Which character, from anything, do you connect to most? Why?

Akane Tendo from Ranma ½. I hate to admit it since she’s a bit tsundere, but I am too! I tend to be a pretty good girl, but sometimes I’m a bit high spirited (aka violent).

2. Do you like chocolate milk?

Yes! I used to drink a glass full right before going to be when I got home from work from my third shift job. I find it very relaxing and almost like a liquid meal.

3. If you were to be stranded somewhere, with nothing but your current outfit, where would you rather be placed? (And, more importantly, what are you wearing?)

I’m currently wearing a black spaghetti strap pj top and black midlength cloth shorts. I’m always a fan of being stranded on a deserted beach regardless of what I’m wearing.

4. What was your first OTP?

Ranma and Akane. I’m traditionally bad about shipping the common pairing, but I love how those two argue and mesh as a couple.

5. What’s your favorite hobby? How did you get into it and why do you enjoy it so much?

I’ll have to say writing although reading comes in a close second. Honestly, they’re the same hobby at heart. I’ve always written, but the last couple of years I have become hooked to it when I picked up fanfiction writing again. I can only imagine that the feeling I get is similar to what drug addicts feel like. I have this intense feeling of  elation that fills me to the point I want nothing else to interfere and I feel an aching emptiness when I’m not doing it.

6. When, how, and where did you get your worst sunburn?

I think I got one all over because I had forgot to put on suntan lotion when we went to an amusement park all day and I had not built up a tan for the summer.

7. Do you see when you look at a piece of paper?

Something for notes – mostly key phrases, not sentences for stuff I need to remember for work


8. Do you feel as though you are the happiest you have ever been, or are you still hoping to reach that point?

I’m pretty damn happy with my life. I have a loving husband who I have a fourteen year relationship and no end in sight, a huge supportive network of friends – both real life and internet, a job I love and I feel I have a career, my own home, my own car, and I generally want for nothing.

9. Chocolate, candy, or neither?

Hm, it depends on the mood, but chocolate.

10. If you could kiss one person without repercussions, who would you?

Oh dear. Hm….Tom Hiddleston. >.>

11.  In this post, there are 7 references (omg, how does she do it—i should have put more in, but i couldn’t think of an 11th question) All of which should be identifiable. Can you catch them all?

Other than the Pokemon reference at the end, I didn’t notice any. =(

I’m going to cheat a little bit and just ask people to fill out this questionnaire for their Meyer Briggs personality and have them post their results.