Murder House

The Doctor of Death stared at the house. It was a rather nice looking house. It was nothing compared to his, but this one had something his didn’t; ghost. The Doctor took a drag from his cigarette. He started walking about the path and he briefly wondered if anyone was currently living there. Then he forgot to care. He walked up the steps glancing behind him. In the house across the street he saw a curtain twitch. He smirked turning back to the door.

The murder house. It’s rather plain. I should buy it. Change it so it can live up to it’s name. The Doctor reached forward to the doorknob when it suddenly twisted and creaked open. It was as if the house was inviting him in. Not that he need the invitation; he would have gotten in one way or another. Stepping into the house The Doctor took in the staircase and the modern living room. He sighed. House has gone to such a waster. Should be darker, scarier. This is nothing.

The Doctor stepped deeper into the house and the door slammed closed behind him. He didn’t flinch like the noise didn’t reach his brain. The Doctor stepped into the living room and glanced out the window. I should get a cane. I could hide a blade in it. Maybe my sword. The Doctor pushed his hand into his pocket as he looked out the window unimpressed by the so called Murder House.

Paper thin walls. | David and Mary

The man threw the door open and stepped inside, dropping his keys at the little table beside the door along with a towel. Bits of sand trickled down onto the floor, but he ignored it for the moment. David had actually spent the day at the beach, an attempt to break himself of being such a recluse. It was worth it, despite the sunburn that would surely hurt the next day. His skin was reddened slightly and hot to the touch. He glanced to the stairs, debating whether or not to lock himself in the studio and work on some more paintings, but he decided against it almost immediately. David needed a break from work - a concept he never truly understood.

A chill moved past him - a ghost, perhaps? David stopped in his tracks, waiting for an imminent voice, but nothing came. He shrugged to himself and entered the kitchen to prepare a pot of tea. The sun was beginning to set in the distance, creating a mixture of hues that broke across the sky in red, orange, pink, and purple. As he waited for the water to boil on the stove, his blue hues watched the sky change as the colors slowly undulated and formed into darker colors, losing himself in the scene.

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☽;; Neo had just finished his trip of wandering the insides of the mysterious place. The house was far from normal, making it intriguing. Something appeared into view, a girl. “Who are you? I thought nobody lived here.” He raised an eyebrow once said.