bluedressed616 replied to your post: what the actual fuck??? My dashbord decided to repeat itself on and on and on and on and on and on…..same 10 posts….on and on and on and on….new game, Tumblr?

had this as well today. try to use another browser like Apple Safari or Mozilla or what else you have. Good luck!

Well, I actually had to stay with one browser, because others were somehow messing my PC. I should re-install them, but I’m too lazy. I’m just gonna declare war to Tumblr. :D

bluedressed616 replied to your post: Deathstars will be supporting Rammstein on their upcoming tour

I’m going!! Never heard of Deathstars though…If you are a O2 or Alice customer you can at the moment buy for Berlin and Hamburg.

Ahhh, be excited for them! They’re pretty awesome, saw them 2 years ago, they know how to entertain the crowd and Whiplasher’s (the singer) verdicts are pretty hilarious…and ummm, he’s hot!!!

bluedressed616 replied to your photo: I hate Chemistry.

I find chemistry so fascinating! Two H and one O come together to become such a beautiful thing as water! And no, I’m not kidding ;-)))

Yes, that’s true. But now I’m studying oxides, anhydrides, acids and salts… Pretty boring.
But at least if I pass this test, I’ll never have to study Chemistry again :) 

bluedressed616 replied to your post: People sending anonymous messages with the…

This has nothing to do with hate. It’s having an opinion on somebody elses opinion, simple as that.

Oh, sure… But most of the people reacted like “Moz, you’re an asshole. I don’t like you anymore”, when we all know that now what he does is talk shit about everything and try to seek attention… WHATEVAHHHHHHHHHHHH. I’m tired of talking about that fucking quote.

(And you all need to remember that he’s not 26 years old anymore, he’s a fucking adult now… And when people grow up, it’s normal to be a little stupid or want to seek for attention like him)