Hi. I should be sleeping but wiht everything that went down the last few days and my broken sleep schedule of 2-3 hours at a pop here I am awake. I will probably crash out soon again but at the moment I figured I’d check the news online, email, and see what bills I need to pay and can w what I have left.

Something one should be doing at 5am when he or she is barely awake, paying bills. “I owe $12,000 on this credit card, lets pay it all even though I have $200 in the bank, no one will notice”. Lol.

I gthink we are done w the storms for a while. I Hope so. That 3x slam of rain and power outages was very trying, pushing me to my limits and beyond.

I think today I will try to go shoot at Mayfest and BlueDome Fest if possible… probably will do all BW film… but that all depends on the sleep I get from now till later, my mood, the weather, etc.

Right now Im not really functional so its a wanna but most likely wont. I will ride my bike 10 or so miles if he rivertrail is dry enough. And maybe ride the Ducati, worried about crazies roadraging me, but will have my 2 GoPros running front/back this time.

I have mounts on the Harley for both that youdont even see but get great views. The Ducati has nowhere to mount for back without sticking a camera directly somewhere to the bike. Maybe a sticky mount under the back of the seat to the wheel well… and then front on the helmet. GOing to hit Best Buy and Target for mount pieces to try and assemble a stable mounting platform for it and try it.

I also should check the rain accumulation to see if its gone down. At least everything in the yard will be nice and green. Heck I need to borrow the folks battery hedge clippers and do the entire fence line, and go around every tree with the main snipers and cut all the trees that have come up around the big trees. But there are a lot and I’d have a new giant pile to get ride of if I did. Maybe haul the trash bucket and cut them into smaller bits and put in there. I dunno.

It’s 5am, I shouldn’t even be thinking of this crap. I should be asleep. But i figure I will be shortly. I always crash back out when I am up too early. I’ll zoink outfor 2-3 more hours if Im lucky then go about my day.