The current incarnation of the ever-evolving talisman necklace.

The long strand of amethyst beads was a very lucky thrift store find, as was the sterling silver key. The Hag’s Hand and Mandragora are from Raintower ( bluecohosh ).

I like this long beaded lariat incarnation of the talisman necklace, because I can wear the beads in different ways, and they are a pleasing shape and texture to fidget with when I’m tired or stressed. I’m thinking of adding the ankh to it (it’s similar in size/weight to the key), but I keep waffling about it. Opinions? Suggestions?


So Naomi ( ) just updates her fantastic store ( ) again, and AGAIN I have purchased something! I keep reminding myself it’s ok, because the garments are beautiful and I have been waiting for some Raintower dresses to be listed for ages. And, also, I don’t tell my boyfriend :3

I highly recommend this store, the garments are such high quality, so unique (I always receive compliments when wearing them) and so enchanting. Quite often I find myself spinning round in circles, enjoying the swish of the fabric around my legs. I’m sure she must weave a little magic into each piece ☽◯☾

well deserved (if you don’t mind me saying) tea break after working on new tees for raintower all day (a few more on

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I received a lovely gift in the mail from Sweden the other day, of a hand created robe/dress from the beautiful and very talented naomi of RainTower. 
I immediately put it on and took it out for a snowy adventure to the mountains and hot springs of oregon. 
Tromping though layers of snow, i noticed the ragged edges gracefully sweeping the ground behind me, like fingertips they traced the crevasses of of the forest floor and shook hands with all the passing ferns. The eye kept watch behind me as i hiked through brush and frozen trail as if acquainting itself to its new home….
I am in love with this piece of clothing, and can already tell it will be taken on many more woodland adventures. The energy and quality of naomi’s work is amazing. 

Please check out this wonderful woman

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happy i ’m finally allowed to share this ! detail of an album cover i did for british musician bari watts. that’s glastonbury tor. best kind of commission ! full work is best viewed on /// on a side note the coupon code PUMPKINZ is still active on for 15% off any purchase. i’ll deactivate it when I wake up tomorrow so americans you have all day ❤️

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