bluebirds on a wire

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If you're still doing prompts, could you do Harper's first Batfam Christmas? Please and thank you!

Here was the thing: Harper had never really been fond of Christmas.

She used to be, back when her mother was alive, when she was small, and the dark edges of Gotham were kept at bay by the walls of their apartment building. She remembered those years sometimes, her mother smiling as hung up the lights, Cullen getting himself covered in wrapping paper, the smell of half-priced hot-coco filtering from the kitchen. Back when things were good. Good as they’d ever been.

Then their mother had died, and well their Father hadn’t exactly been the best when it came to holidays. Or any day for that matter.

So Harper wasn’t fond of Christmas. Christmas meant working overtime to help the power grid handle all the lights. Christmas meant trying to get enough money to pay for gifts for once, even if it meant skipping meals. Christmas meant driving Cullen to their father’s prison and comforting him when their father was an ass. Christmas meant suck. Plain and simple. 

Stephanie Brown didn’t seem to agree.

“You don’t like Christmas?” The blonde said, sprawled out on her couch. She threw a rubber band ball into the air, letting it bounce off the ceiling. “Why?”

“Too much money. Too many memories,” Harper said. She was seated at the dining room table, bent over a bunch of wires for her latest Bluebird project; Sedate gun. If it worked, she’d be knocking criminals flat in no time. If it didn’t….well that was what practice was for. 

“But it’s Christmas!” Stephanie said, sitting up, her hair bobbing with the moment. “Don’t get me wrong, it’s gonna suck this year given the whole parents situation…” she waved her hand, her eyes staring off into space again, but it faded before Harper could speak up. “But if we don’t do anything, it’s gonna be even worse.”

Harper twisted one of the wires. Not celebrating would suck for Stephanie, freshly yanked to the Row household without any parents to look up to. And Cullen hadn’t had the best of years either. 

“I guess you’re right,” Harper said, placing her screwdriver on the table. “I’ll see if I could work something out.”


“Why did I promise I’d work something out!” Harper yelled, throwing her hands up in the air, two days before Christmas. Despite skipping a meal or two, and working extra overtime, she was still short money to get Stephanie and Cullen anything that was worth some merit. She walked over to the wall and banged her head against it. “Bad Harper.”

“I’m pretty sure that isn’t productive.” Harper looked to her windowsill where Red Robin was perched. Again. For the fourth time this month. She groaned, letting her forehead rest against the wall. It wasn’t very soothing; the building vibrated too much. “Money problems?”

“Christmas problems. Which I guess is the same thing.”

“I wouldn’t know. I’m Jewish.” Harper sighed, looking down at her shoes. They were pretty much trash at this point held together by duct tape, but she couldn’t afford to throw them out. A new pair was too costly. 

“I promised Stephanie and Cullen a good Christmas and I guess I’m realizing I can’t deliver,” she said, blowing up at some of her hair that was in her face. “I mean, they’ll get over it, they know how tight it is but….” She nudged her left toe against the left side of her shoe. It poked out through one of the holes, a transformer sock now apparent through the black material. “I guess I just wanted something nice.” She gripped her fists tight and turned back to Red Robin. “So what is it that you wanted…”

He was gone. The windowsill was empty. Harper cursed.

“Fucking Bats.”


On Christmas day, she woke up preparing to disappoint. She let Cullen and Stephanie know not to expect anything and while they took it well, (Steph told her that she could help pay bills) Harper couldn’t feel like being a let down anyway. No tree. No lights. No shitty hot coco. She was a Christmas failure.

So when she opened her apartment door to find a small store bought tree, a box of hot coco, and a huge sack full of presents, she was rather caught by surprise. 

She dragged them into the living room, taking care to look through each one. Most of them didn’t have name tags from the sender, but they had little icons which told Harper what she needed to know. Black Bat. Batgirl. Red Robin. Batman. Even, Robin. Each of them had five total, more presents than Harper could ever remember receiving. And at the bottom, unwrapped was a pair of shoes. Her size. 

“Next time, let us know when you need assistance. I am more than happy to help. Happy Christmas” - Penny One

It took ten minutes for Harper to calm herself enough to wake up Stephanie and Cullen.