I’m so tired goodness gracious he took forever but here he is

His name’s Tint, and he’s a BlueberryJam child!

He’s a cocky son of a bitch and honestly is just too eccentric about everything, a bit of a narcissist and hates to be wrong. 

Don’t even ask about how fucked up his soul is cause he’s got a glitchy dad and a dad with no soul and then his third dad is the only one who’s even relatively normal so I mean you’ve got a pretty fucked up emotional problem there, rainbow glitchy bro

I mean he wasn’t even really born out of an actual family, he just happened because of leaked magic from Ink’s vials, a pissed off glitch and a poor universe that happened to be nearby

seriously never ask Tint about it. ever. he hates talking about it cause Error hates his guts and Ink doesn’t pay attention to him and Blue used to know that he existed  - and actually took care of him like a proper kid of his until he was like age 15-ish? but then his universe reset so every memory of his son was wiped :)))) and Tint is all alone and kind of bitter but he laughs it off. he’s got bottled up anger - not like the brooding kind but like the bitter, laughing, ‘someday I’m going to slice your fucking throat’ kind. He’s like constantly pissed at everything and literally has no chill

I love this character why did I have to give him problems

Error // @loverofpiggies
Ink // @myebi / @comyet
Blue // Community


팬케이크. 반죽만 잘 섞으면 나머지는 크게 신경쓸 것 없으니 굽는 동안 손이 편하다. 그래서인지 주로 주말 아침에 먹는다. 계란 두알, 무가염 버터, 설탕, 소금, 우유, 박력분, 중력분을 섞어 반죽한다. 우유는 애초에 미량을 섞는데 플레인 요거트가 남아서 대신 써봤다. 큰 차이는 모르겠으나 해될 것은 당장 없으니 요거트 해소 방법으로 쓸 수 있겠다. 바나나를 저며서 바닥에 깔고 사과잼, 블루베리잼을 발랐다. 더치 커피에 탄산수를 섞어 함께 했다.