Author: pendots (ao3), aka scarfyuuri (tumblr)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Victor goes back through old fan letters on Valentine’s Day, and what does he happen to find but one signed “Yuuri Katsuki”…

(Victuuri Week 2017 Day 8: Valentine’s Day.)

Link to AO3: here

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Daily meal accountability post!! ✨

For breakfast I had a blueberry bagel with cream cheese and a bowl of chocolate chip oats. 🍫

I had a sandwich with a serving of chips and a Babybel for lunch. This is becoming a recurring meal because I never used to allow myself to eat sandwiches and chips, which were my favorite meals as a kid. Restriction sucks, and I’m feeling really good about eating things I truly enjoy again. 🍞

Dinner was a turkey bacon salad with light Italian dressing and a granola bar for dessert. 🥗🥓

I didn’t go for a walk today because there was a thunderstorm watch all day and I hate getting caught in the rain, but I went to the gym and kicked booty for 45 minutes. Today was a success. 😇

my fingers don’t know the movements of how to spell out happy words, but i can try. when i was little my best friend’s mom would put too much strawberry cream cheese on a blueberry bagel, then wink at us and say that we were getting our fruits in for the day. i trusted my life to a half dead tree, would climb up every night i could and watch the sun set. after, while i was running home, i would imagine beasts right beside me, with long strides and lungs that never got out of breath. it was a race, and i always won. sitting in the backyard with a pencil and a notebook, writing shitty poems that i thought were good when i was eight. sledding down the big hill, and watching my breath turn to smoke as i hiked back up. watching forbidden movies with my best friend on saturday nights, and thinking we were the most rebellious kids in the whole world. my odd friend group in 6th grade, everyone wondering how we all were so close when we had absolutely nothing in common. feeling pretty at the winter formal freshman year because a senior asked me to dance. being undefeated at mario kart. the first time i was proud of a poem. driving around with no destination, laughing so hard that i had to pull onto the shoulder so we wouldn’t crash. i’m learning to write happy, but my hands are still getting used to it.
—  happy thoughts

So I work at a small cafe/coffee shop in my hometown that’s pretty popular and well-known for our bagels. Almost everyone who comes through is extremely polite and nice to me (pretty stereotypical Midwestern attitude- more than once, people have asked me about my marching band shirts before and told me stories about their own experience with marching band). But every so often, we get some rude people, and this story stands out most to me.
So it was a weekend morning, which are always out busiest times, and the main rush is over but there are a few people in line. A couple (I assumed they were a couple at least) came through and ordered a bagel each. The lady seemed kinda annoyed from the start, not really making eye contact and not bothering to really acknowledge me- whatever, I’m just taking the order, I don’t care. Then the guy she was with orders a blueberry bagel with plain cream cheese, which I ring up. (Keep in mind, I’ve been talking to both of them simultaneously and clearly putting in their orders at the same time.) I ask the lady for a name for the order, whether it’s for here or to go, and then for payment. The guy had been only half paying attention, trying the samples we have set out, and he mumbled something- I assumed it was to the lady he was with, so I didn’t say anything, just told the lady the total and took her card. Well, I go and swipe it, punch in the total, and send through the transaction, which is then she goes “oh, we’re paying separately.”
Um what? So you didn’t mention this at any point previously when I was ringing you up? I just say “oh, well I’ve already swiped your card…” and she just angrily huffs. Meanwhile, the guy had grabbed the receipt that printed and is looking at it and goes “that’s not the bagel I ordered! I changed my mind!” Apparently, his mumbling had been directed toward me. I hadn’t even LOOKED his way when he spoke, I don’t know how he thought I even heard him. I say “well, we can just change the bagel, it’s fine”, hand the lady her card back, and go in back to tell my coworker to make the different bagel.
So if you’re going to pay separately, MENTION IT AT THE START. That way you don’t catch your cashier by surprise. And also speak loudly enough for them to hear you; there are a bunch of machines and pipes running behind me, if you’re talking quietly I’m not gonna be able to hear you.

February 12, 2017

Breakfast: banana, kasha cereal with unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Snack: organic mozzarella string cheese

Lunch: blueberry bagel with very berry cream cheese, blue corn chips

Dinner: small potato skin with chili, cheese and sour cream, tater tots

Dessert: cookie thins brownie batter bites

Exercise: 15 minute sworkit warmup, HIIT workouts

Scenes from Ubering, Part 7
  • Me: *picks up young couple from downtown restaurant at 930 pm on a Friday night*
  • Couple: *chats about Adele's vocal surgery as we get on our way*
  • Me: *seeing their destination* Oh, are you guys going to *brewpub* or to that apartment complex behind it?
  • Woman: *laughs* Oh no, we're going to the Giant Eagle to get groceries! OMG what a Friday night.
  • Me: Oh, cool!
  • Woman: We're so hip, sitting here arguing about bagels and what kind are the best.
  • Me: I mean, I don't know why they make any other kind besides everything bagels.
  • Man: *laughs* SEE?
  • Woman: Nooo, I need someone else on my team! Blueberry all the way.
  • Me: Blueberry are also good.
  • Woman: See with a blueberry bagel, it's good with cream cheese but it's also good with peanut butter. Any other kind of bagel, you're locked into cream cheese.
  • Me: That is a good point.
  • Woman: It's all about the OPTIONS.
  • Man: *is quietly cracking up*
  • Me: You've made me think of blueberry bagels in a whole new light.
  • Woman: GOOD!
Celebrity endorsements

I worked at a Maine coastal tourist spot one summer ( we had coffee drinks, sandwiches , etc ….awesome job )
we had a board that listed our bread selections ( so you could choose which one you wanted with your sandwich or breakfasty type order )
One day my coworker and I , just for the hell of it , wrote on it that David Hasselhoff recommended our blueberry bagels .
Guess how many people asked us about that ?


12th June • Katia and Jasmin’s study date.

Today we enjoyed breakfast (no blueberry bagels😡) together, visited the muji store (it was perfect), and then studied at the state library. Overall, was a perfect day ☺️

Hope everyone has a nice longweekend

- Jas and Kat