blueberry wreck

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                    “N-No, Minato, please…”

                    Her voice trailed off as she kept staring up at him, face contorted into shock and terror. He was a completely changed man; the swords and battle scars were enough to confuse and frighten her already, but then the dragon appeared and she couldn’t help but scream. In her mind she kept telling herself that this was a dream, and that she would wake up, rush to Minato’s cafe, and just feel silly as the baker and waiter that was her dear friend would ask her what was wrong. But then this all felt too real, and she hadn’t remembered falling asleep on a late walk home. Tears started to form in her eyes, feeling herself shake as she took a step towards him.

                    But then his words have her freezing in place, breath and words caught in her throat as the tears started to slowly spill over. She shook her head, legs feeling so weak that it felt like she could collapse at any moment. “B-But I can’t just do that.” She stated softly, gripping the collar of her shirt. “You’re m-my friend, Minato…I want to know what’s going on, please.”

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kageyama and female s/o's first christmas together please? maybe a gift exchange or something fluffy:3 thank you so much<<

  • This poor blueberry is a nervous wreck about spending Christmas with you considering he’s never been romantically involved with anyone prior to you. He just wants to make sure you’re happy and like his gift.
  • He wakes up early in the morning because of his nerves with no hope of falling back to sleep so he opts to wait quietly in bed until you’re awake. He’ll gently trace his fingers along your cheeks or brush your hair out of the way, simply amazed at how beautiful you are.
  • Becomes a blushing  mess when you catch him staring at you, but you can only smile. He’s so cute when he’s flustered.
  • When you decide to get out of bed he’s waiting for you with a robe and slippers to make sure you’re not cold even though he’s already got the fireplace going on downstairs. He’s also aware of the little details like that.
  • The presents he gives you are actually nicely wrapped to your surprise ( he asked Suga for help). He’s not used to doing this so it was only natural that he get help. He also watched several Youtube videos to figure it out.
  • You know that one thing that you’ve been eyeing at the store for months and never bought? Surprise! He had been checking the store for weeks to make sure no one else touched it and when someone did, he’d scare them off. You didn’t think you’d see it again.
  • Kageyama’s gift was a bit hard to figure out considering that he insisted that he didn’t want anything. Well when he opens the box to find a signed jersey from his favourite volleyball team and tickets to the next match, he was over the moon.
  • Once the excitement was over he figured it’d be nice to spend the rest of the day inside. It was practically a blizzard outside, but the fireplace was going and the hot chocolate was smelling awfully delicious.
  • The two of you share sweet chocolate kisses underneath the mistletoe or cuddled up underneath he blanket while watching Christmas movies.
  • You turn on some classic Christmas music and ask to dance with him. It takes some effort and a lot of bribing, but eventually you get him to dance clumsily along the kitchen floor with you.