blueberry wheat

Blueberry pancake day

Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes with Healthy Grain Clusters and a Cinnamon Greek Yogurt Drizzle



Blueberry Sour Cream Pancakes

the best blueberry white chocolate pancakes

Blueberry Almond Pancakes

blueberry banana greek yogurt pancakes


Dairy-Free Soft and Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes

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  • Andromeda Black: Okay, here we go. Low fat, whole wheat blueberry pancakes.
  • Narcissa Black: Are there 12?
  • Andromeda Black: 12 what?
  • Narcissa Black: Blueberries. I can only have 12 blueberries for breakfast.
  • Andromeda Black: Or what?
  • Narcissa Black: What do you mean, or what?
  • Andromeda Black: What happens if you eat 13 blueberries?
  • Narcissa Black: This is a silly conversation.
  • Andromeda Black: Would you die?
  • Narcissa Black: Just hand me the plate.
  • Andromeda Black: Only if you don’t count.
  • Narcissa Black: I won’t count.
  • Andromeda Black: Swear. Raise your right hand and say, ‘May The Weird Sisters break up if I count these blueberries.’
  • Narcissa Black: [raises his hand] … Pick another group.
  • Andromeda Black: Nope.
  • Narcissa Black: [slams hand down] I hate you! Hate you!
what went into making Tyler Oakley’s book, ‘Binge’
  • pickles
  • dinosaur onsie
  • Tyler’s paper machete head
  • professional fangirl t-shirt
  • a red wig
  • YouTube burn book (the gayest skank you’ve ever met
  • ranch dressing
  • Tyler’s birth certificate
  • I <3 my mother shirt (gift from Mamrie)
  • a birthday cake
  • a peach
  • WebStar Male Teen Choice A ward 2014
  • full body Ellen DeGeneres cardboard cut out
  •  ratchet old phone Tyler took a selfie on
  • a crown
  • Micky Mouse years from Disneyland
  • wine
  • Okemos High School 2007 Yearbook
  • the flower crown that harry styles wore
  • all boy magazine
  • chapter 14 of Joey Graceffa’s book, In Real Life
  • a sparkling gold heel
  • an old Michigan license plate
  • someones left foot severed right above the ankle
  • a bag of dirt?? that smells good? idk
  • picnic basket full of apples
  • the pimp cup
  • a black blazer
  • Nature Box Whole Wheat Blueberry Figgy Bars
  • Tyler’s retainer (gross)
  • a human heart
  • two radishes (used to stir the pot)
  • a bottle of shaken up soon
  • and the signature Tyler Oakley cackle