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things to do this summer

i’ve been getting a good amount of requests for fun things to do this summer that don’t require a lot of money so i’ve compiled some of my favorite things into a list :~)

  • paint by numbers - you can pick up these at your local hobby lobby or michaels
  • gardening - buy some flower/veggie seeds at your garden store, find a patch of dirt that gets sun, and you’re in business! plus when flowers bloom you can make little bouquets!! 
  • go thrifting or to local flea markets and set a spending limit - see what you can get on the cheap!
  • learn a new language using a handy app like duolingo
  • find somewhere you can travel locally within an hour or two from your house - hiking trails are free and you get great sights + exercise !
  • film photography - i highly recommend minoltas (holgas are also fun and inexpensive), and you can get these online for relatively low prices. places that develop film are walgreens and sams club
  • take up cooking if you’re decent at it - your parent(s) will probably appreciate it too! i like to browse pinterest and housekeeping websites for good recipes
  • lots of towns have outdoor movies, live music shows, or even shakespeare in the park type events, and these are usually free or v cheap!
  • speaking of the movies, lots of movie theaters will give you matinee price in the evenings if you have a student id
  • redbox has new releases most of the time and it’s only a dollar a day
  • summer is also a good time to re-invent your usual hair/makeup styles so take an afternoon and play with makeup or bleach the ends of your hair if you’re daring!
  • the library also lets you check out a lot of books as well as older movies at once, so stock up on those older films and murder mysteries! (there’s nothing better than a bowl of ripe summer fruit and a mystery)
  • go blueberry, blackberry, peach picking! very fun and you get great fresh fruit out of the deal 
  • journal, write a short story, or fill a notebook with small poems

that’s all i can think of at the moment, but feel free to add more ideas onto this post if you have em!!

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Happiness Is Homemade

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MooMaw’s kitchen is always filled with light.

It’s pouring through the windows above the sink and filtering through the blue and white checked curtains that hang above it.

Eric sits on the counter, right in the middle of a sun beam, and swings his little feet against the cabinets below as he licks brownie batter off a wooden spoon.

MooMaw has the phone tucked between her shoulder and her ear as she uses a spatula to scrape the last of the batter into the pan.

The cord stretches from the wall and Eric extends a sock covered foot out towards it and tries to touch it with his toes.

It sags before he can get to it as she steps forward and takes the spoon from him.

He only has a second to pout before she’s putting the spatula in the bowl and the bowl in his lap and ruffling his hair.

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I found this website and decided to run some of my ships through it. These were the ones with the highest scored! I think @white-rainbowff​ , @festeringsilence​ and @nspamc​ will be pleased with some of these XD

smolest-beans  asked:

If you are fasting, is eating a strawberry banana smoothie a bad thing?

No! I drink those all the time and use low calorie milk and yogurt. Here’s a few recipes for various low calorie smoothies:

Strawberry Banana with yogurt (106 calories):
 2 cups chopped fresh strawberries
1 banana, peeled
10 ounces plain nonfat Greek yogurt 
2 cups crushed ice

Fat free Strawberry Banana smoothie with milk (couldn’t find the calories :/)
1 banana
5 strawberries
1cup nonfat milk
3 tablespoons plain fat-free yogurt
6 -7ice cubes

“Berried up to Here” ( 150 calories)
114 cups apple juice
1 cup frozen strawberries
12 cup frozen raspberries
12 cup frozen blueberries

Peach Yogurt Cooler (70 calories)
6 fl oz low-fat milk
12 cup fat-free peach yogurt
3 fresh peaches, peeled & pitted
2 cups ice cubes