blueberry fusion

Stevonnie Fusion Masterpost

From left to right: 

Titanium Quartz 2.5, Strawberry Quartz 2.5 & Blueberry Quartz 2.5, Cherry Quartz 2.5, Smoky Quartz 2.5, Rainbow Quartz 2.5, Tangerine Quartz 2.5 & Druzy Quartz 2.5

I literally had the best time designing these fusions over the past few days. Steven fusions are done so often, and other great artists, such as @artifiziell and @mrhaliboot have done a FANTASTIC job in doing so. But no one ever really does Stevonnie fusions so I thought it’d be a perfect opportunity to. And to think this all started out from a simple Stevonnie and Pearl request lol

You may be wondering why I did not do a Jasper fusion and that is because I focused on the Crystal Gems as of now (I still consider Bismuth a Crystal Gem because she’s one of the originals) Jasper is not a Crystal Gem as of yet and I feel like this would be a horrible fusion for all three of them! I want them to be happy fusing with a gem, not miserable!

Please tell me who your favorite(s) are in the comments. I really want to know! (Mine is Rainbow Quartz and Druzy Quartz)