blueberry breakfast cake

Blueberry chia pudding ✨

For this recipe you only need two ingredients: chia seeds and frozen blueberries.
Add the blueberries directly from the freezer to a pot and heat it up until the blueberries dissolve. Add the warm berries to your wanted container and add about 1 tbls chia seeds depending on the amount of of blueberries used. Refrigerate overnight and enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast, topped with fresh berries, granola or anything else you can imagine 😋

🍂🌞 Good Labor Day Morning! ☀️🍁
d for me, good fully paid holiday off lol

Self care breakfast: blueberry Kodiak power cakes, sweet potato pancakes and dragon fruit!

Blueberry Kodiak power cakes: add 40 g of blueberries to 0.5:0.5 ratio of Kodiak mix to water. Mix. Fry in 2 sprays of Pam Canola Oil Spray. Bam.

Potato Pancakes: 1 cup of mash potatoes or left over mash potatoes from a previous dinner. Add 1 egg. Mix. Fry in 2 sprays of Pam Canola Oil Spray. Bam.

Add 1/8 cup sugar free syrup to each stack (¼ cup total in all)

Don’t forget to caffeinate ☕

Macros for the pic and coffee: 745 cals, 101.3 C, 29.3 F, 30.5 P, 1490.0 Na, 309.8 K, 11.5 Fiber

High macros for me. I know. But it’s a very cool sunny labor day morning and I’m enjoying it. Ergo… Self care breakfast. Time for coffee mug serving #3. Don’t judge me! 😂 Aaahhh my face is slanted like Quasimodo!!!

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