blueberry blonde

Shown here:
Big Muddy Brewery Blueberry Blonde in the 6 pack, and their 17th Street Amber Ale!

The Blueberry Blonde is definitely a true Big Muddy beer, with a strong, but not overstated flavor of blueberries. Neither is it overly sweet as many fruit beers tend to be. If you like their Pumpkin Smasher, you will sure to love the Blueberry Blonde.

The 17th Street Amber Ale is smoked beer, done in homage to the 17th Street BBQ, a local world champion BBQ company. Smokey, but not overpowering, thus is a great beer to enjoy outdoors at the grill, or any summer activity. Didn’t think I would like it at first, but it definitely won me over.


We made it onto Seneca Lake for some boating and beers.  I had a mixture (and multitude) of beer that day, but I bought a Saranac Brewer’s Pack to keep it a little regional.  I had three while I was on the boat.

The first was the Blueberry Blonde Ale.  It had a sweet blueberry flavor, but was subtle and didn’t come across like a candy.  Pretty good.

The second was the Saranac Session IPA.  TI didn’t see an ABV on the bottle, but Beeradvocate puts it at 4.7%.  It was full bodied and had a good hop/malt balance.  Really good.

The third was the Summer Ale.  I remember it was good, but not too much more as by this point I was high in my own ABV.  :)