Submitted by thesweetadventuresofstrawberry.

Misfit and Strawberry fusion.


There’s no way I wasn’t gonna try and draw my version of her. Berry/Misfit fusion is the most stylish hobo-hippo-pony, as well as the most dangerous one. Blame Berry.


25 & 27.7.2015 Nuuksio, Espoo

Bilberry picking! Because the summer has been so cool and cloudy, I consulted a map for areas just east of large ponds to pick from. Since the western sun is the warmest, and light bouncing off the ponds and into the nearby woods would help the berries grow larger and ripen consistently. I’ve noticed that many of the berries this year are rather small and have less flavor than usual, hence the search for an ideal microclimate. Turns out to have worked- berries near the shore were almost twice as big and on average better tasting than ones from even sunny patches in the forest at large.