Find Songs that Start With Each Letter Of Your Name

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C - Crazy by 4Minute
H - History by EXO K/M
A - All Too Well by Taylor Swift
R - Rain by BTS
L - (The) Leaders by G-Dragon ft. Teddy and CL
I - If I Ruled The World by BTS
E - Error by VIXX

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♕ for cookie. i know youve done it before but there are so many possibilities.

the many faces of brickface himself.

he leaves the room for a minute, and then returns
with far too many art supplies; he has a paintbrush
stuck behind his ear, and for some reason he looks
like he’s about to go forth on a very dangerous quest.


                COULD BE EATING NON-BLUEBERR—akemi, please, 
                this is serious stuff. go back to lurking in the showers
                before jason gets in there—————`


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I received a box of Quaker Steel Cut Oats in Blueberres & Cranberries flavor complimentary for testing purposes. I was really excited to be on this campaign because I’m a huge oatmeal fan! I typically fix it on the stove, but occasionally fix it in the microwave. I usually eat Quaker Old Fashioned Oatmeal for breakfast and tend to add brown sugar & cinnamon to it. I’ve had a lot of different types and flavors of oatmeal over the years. A nice bowl of warm oatmeal has always been my healthy and filling go to breakfast dish. The Quaker Steel Cut Oatmeal comes in regular, blueberries & cranberries, and also brown sugar & cinnamon flavors. I had the pleasure of trying the blueberries & cranberries flavor and it was delicious! Iwas surprised to find that you only need to add water and microwave for three minutes. I love the texture of this steel cut oatmeal…it’s better than any other I’ve had. There was the right amount of blueberries and cranberries in the packet and I didn’t have to add anything. Overall, it’s a really good and unique product. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes oatmeal.

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